The Gift

Found while organizing... good read:

"Friday, March 3, 2000"


The part of
your dream that most sincerely expresses WHO you are is the part that can not
help but to come true. Choose to follow your very own dreams. They are yours for
a reason. You are the person capable of achieving them and you are the person
who will be the most fulfilled by them.

Forget about living the dreams
of others. When your goal is to be just like someone else, your efforts to reach
will bring frustration and disillusionment.

The greatest gift to you
have to give is yourself, your own true self. The dreams, the goals, the
purposes and passions you hold dear are powerful and undeniable expressions of
the person you are. Find and nurture them, and they will energize your efforts.
Be the most effective person you can be, by being true to yourself.

Written by Ralph Marston

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