"Don't Be a Platter-Puss" captioned the homepage of one of my fav online shops to get unique dishes: FISH EDDY's. I had come across them several years ago while "hunting-and-gathering" for EVERYTHING New York. I haven't been on the site for a while, and noticed they have some new additions. With the holidays looming around the corner, these could be unique conversation starters at your next gathering and a FOCAL POINT on your tablescape...

Fuggedaboutit! The Brooklyn pattern is so awesome; even Uncle Vinnie will
change the dinner conversation from parole to plates!

Prime New York real estate at affordable prices!
The skyline that everyone knows and loves on our classic restaurant dinnerware.
Every meal is a night on the town!

Whether it's a penthouse, a three bedroom, or a studio...
why rent when you can own?
The best thing about this pattern; no board approval needed!

Maybe it's an office or work related gathering...
these just might fit the bill as appetizer plates or parting gifts for your guests...

Pick up the tab or pick up your messages on these trays
that are great for everything from your wallet to keys!

And for those of you who are
"hooked on memos or lists"...
there's one for you too:

All of the above also have coordinating items
such as umbrellas and totebags...
I think I'm going to invest in the floorplan collection...
and personalize it with FOCAL POINT.

And for you NY'ers.... they are located at

889 Broadway at 19th Street
New York, NY 10003
Toll free: 877.347.4733
Phone: 212.420.9020

When you go to their site,
don't forget to checkout the story of their history (how they got their name.)

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