How to Edit Photos With Picnik

This weeks Photos for Friday is not only based on photos,
but on feedback too.

I guess I'm still just a kid at heart because I still enJOY playing with TOYS!! A toy I played with this week was PICNIK: a site I found while I was posting pics on flickr. Some of you may already know of this site, and for those of you who don't,  U R in 4 a TREAT! It's a great site to give a graphic designer flair to your photos! One of my fav features has been COLLAGES (which was used this week for posts).

While playing with photos and fonts, I came up with a few layouts I'm toying not only for the blog, but to start a website for a (RE)design & Staging business next year. I would love to hear your feedback, for feedback is the inspiration for improvement.




The above photo used in this collage is from a collection of abstract photos I made. One day, about five years ago, board and looking for something creative to do, I cleared off the dining room table and started collecting objects from around the house. I played with lighting and angles and just began to take pics with a simple 35mm camera (Kodak Easy Share). Since groups of three is one of those shared design rules, I used a simple triptych collage layout. In visual merchandising, a technique often used to create IMPACT & CLARITY is to group one object in the multiples of threes... hence creating a FOCAL POINT.





In future posts, I will be featuring The Classics of Design. To help identify this series, I started to play around with pics I recently took at my friend Rebecca's store called Design Within Reach. The silhouettes gave way to some really MODERN and GRAPHIC images. Although they may be too design style specific for a company logo for me, these could work for the series...







Above was testing out which color combinations are an easier read.
You may have noticed the change up at the top of the blog page. Love the lamps, although it may be too style specific, or maybe it's just enough?
So in this "C" group, which reads better?

The above pic is of Meis Van der Rhoe's Barcelona Chair
(my all time FAV chair) This collage came from this pic:

Although the colors are too busy and not FOCUSED enough, simply tinting to Black & White keeps the FOCUS on
the DETAIL of the chair.
I cropped pic to this:

Took another pic of a Mies piece:

Tinted B&W and cropped for DETAILS:

Put the two classics together, in a duo collage, and here is the result:

I hope you enJOYed the pics.
Why not try to create some new wall-art for the new year of
your favorite things? Need not be an artist to apply: Just open your mind, and give it a try!

Your comments are welcome... tell me what you think...
Have yourself a WONDERFUL weekend...

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  1. I'm not sure if you remember me but I was a huge fan of yours on RMS. It's only by sheer chance that I happened upon your blog today. I've often wondered if you still posted on the RMS website because I felt it just became a series of people wanting makeovers once the show appeared. Whenever I did try to visit, it was just too slow to load for my patience.

    I've just read the entire blog and I see that you aren't working at "the store" any longer. I do know with talent like yours that it will only be a matter of time before you are onto a new adventure. Good luck with your plans.



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