The holidays are the perfect time to add RED to your home. A simple space to do this is at your holiday gathering table. This Tabletop Tuesday is featuring Colin Cowie's impactful use of RED for a tablescape.

As in retail and interior design, the WOW FACTOR and IMPACT of a display or design comes from COLOR.

COLOR... What a wonderful FOCAL POINT...
Pulling all ONE color together in one space creates greater impact.

Why not request your guests to wear black & white,
to increase the drama and intensity?

The consistency of RED need not stop at the table.
Coordinate a signature beverage to compliment your event...

Try adding this pomegranate martini to your gathering
in a wintery frosted glass...

or for a more minimal dash of RED,
try serving a peppermint martini in a clear glass
rimmed with RED sugar

Don't forget gifting your guests...
A simple RED ornament personalized with your guests names
creates a clever place setting as well as a memorable memento.

Although today's post is about tablescapes...
why not carry your RED drama to your door?
Instead of just applying a RED wreath, why not
and add a B&W wreath?


This simple newspaper wreath is a great way to show guests
a little green at your RED gathering.

What are some simple ways
you create WOW on your tables?

 Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Red YES! I was this close to pinting my door...'cept I need a new one,and didn't want to waste paint!

    Well hello Lynda from south Fl! I had fun in your blog tonight!!

  2. Digg your blog!!! I Totally agree with Linda.I have a red wall in my kitchen which I love. Thank you for dropping by and following my blog, MUCH appreciated.
    p/s isn't Colin fabulous?



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