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The holidays are behind us, right? That's what you think! Easter and Passover may be too far into the future, but one special holiday coming up is just around the corner: VALENTINES. To help start getting some ideas together, here are some finds I've spotted on the web. I'm sure more will appear, but at least these are some thought starters to start to plan your special day, evening, or event. I'm suggesting to start thinking now, because for some ideas, an order may need to be placed:

Found this on Colin Cowie's site,

personalized & handmade cards from Martha...

more Martha...

used in the bedroom: LOVELY!

Got some thoughts on your color scheme? Got a special way to personalize your theme? Now is a great time to take an inventory of what you do have, to go hunt and gather what you may need... or keep your eyes open for a surprise inspiration... I'm leaning towards repurposing all these empty wine bottles, candles and incorporating a special date and wedding spot photos (the Robert Indianna LOVE statue), frames and keepsake VALENTINES cards from the past...) What are some decor thoughts to make your VALENTINES Day special?



  1. I am so not ready for any holidays! Truth be told (and don't hate me for this) I don't even like decorating for Christmas. If it weren't for my kidlet, I probably wouldn't even put up a tree. I like simple, plain, stark decor!
    People don't throw things at me please!! :)

  2. LOL!!... too funny... and another funny thing: today, when I went to the grocery store, they were setting up two displays: SUPER BOWL AND Valentines... of coarse, SB was already done fisrt (the WALL of beer & spelling out NFL in the center) but in its courtyard, were CASES of heart shaped boxes of CHOCOLATE and two stock guys were setting VD up... lol

    Don't feel bad... we all need a lil' push every now and again....

    thx 4 stopping by!!
    :D Lynda



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