March Issue

Saturday I received my Spring issue of Vogue, which was almost as thick as the September issue!! When I was working as a visual director, I would bring in the latest issue to my boss, littered with sharpie notes, dog-eared pages, and post-it note tabs, expressing to him the trend call outs to be on the look for (even though the company is set up on centralized buying)... and I'd try to pull a 'Look' from the book together with what we did have on hand (and thinking BEYOND the company's direction)

Michelle Phan: Make-Up Guru

What a refreshing an inspiring piece, a reassurance, that blogging is NOT just a waste of time... and it does take time to write, edit, and set-up a blog... for those who want to do this as more than just a hobby. It can be a personal platform for you to express your expertise, opinions, advice, experiences and style.
As I have been reading, like in articles from last months DETAILS magazine,

Blogs aren't just for a personal diary of the times a day a baby cries or poops. They aren't just for some rebellious teen venting about an x-boyfriend or a parent. They aren't just a place adults rant and rave like high school brats, dishing out bits of nastiness about one-another. And although they are out there, they aren't just filled with smut and adult content.

Many blogs I've come across, I've learned about and now follow are professional portfolios of personal work, easy tips, and valuable advice for life, career, fashion, and design. Professionally, a blog is a launch pad to build a personal brand: blogs are the new means of a resume... probably because the content is NOW: it's relevant. It showcases your organization, writing and photography skills, and computer savvy, with the ability to launch links forward (like to your business website) or to the past (the now dated paper resume documenting the PAST). 
Resumes: A thing of the past

Personally, it's a place to be creative, without the approval of a 'boss', but the hopeful loyalty of followers. Blogs are also a place to engage in dialog, through comments, with followers and readers. Some people have taken it so seriously they have created a 'blog room', dedicated to testing treats, brainstorming and photographing content for future posts (like Michael is doing over at Designs by Gollum)

Since I only started posting in November, I feel I'm still a newbie. I'm still tinkering with content, embedding html's, editing gadgets, playing with photo edits, and hopefully gaining credibility & visibility while working my way up in the blog rankings (and keepin' it real). This really nice compliment came to me in an email from Nancy Cook, CEO, Founder of One Day Decor:

"Love your blog - very impressive!"

I'm still amazed at how one post on Rate My Space can be viewed 409 times in a day, Twitter followers can be more than two and a half the blog followers, in HALF the time, and a blogger who started relatively the same time as me (almost 4 months ago today) has twice the amount of followers.

(that was coming from my benchmarking days!!) 

I guess it comes down to what someone told me about
 "finding an audience" who is interested in
reading this personal journal...
In the meantime, I'm just gonna keep on bloggin'.

Have a blog-LOVELY week...


  1. Great post.......I find new blogs when they are featured on blogs I currently follow.

    Working full time and being a mother, it's hard to find the time to comment on all the blogs I read. So, yeah, I lurk a lot. But if something really catches my eye, I will delurk and post a lot of time with a link. i.e. on The Yellow Front Door's blog post "Thanks, Chasing Davies" which was a gray (or is it grey) and yellow pillow I linked up to Three Men and a Lady's master bedroom.

    Just keep on plugging away and make sure YOU comment on other's blogs. Someone may find what you say to be so interesting they will hit the link of your name and follow you here.

  2. Lynda, great post, especially since today is my first day posting my own blog. I saw your gorgeous rooms on RMS and then found your blog when I was blog hopping. Focal Point is definitely a top blog from the blog design to the copy & especially the rooms you design. I am predicting your blog will have many, many more followers in days to come.
    Pam @ Design Fanatic

  3. Silly me, I posted the wrong link. My link is actually:

  4. THANKS for the compliments, advice, encouragement! Congrats on your new blog Pam... I'll be sure to go check it out!

    Thanks for stopping by...
    :D Lynda

  5. Hi Lynda! Love this post- it's a interesting read and offers great perspective. Your blog is fabulous and I'm sure you will build up quite a following! Just be patient and have fun!


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