Blue seems to be a hot trend again this year. Selecting the right shade of blue can be tricky. (actually any color is tricky.) It's all dependent on LIGHT (natural vs. artificial, cool vs. warm) and what other colors are within the same space (meaning the floor, the ceiling and even the furniture).

Last year, I was on a major blue kick...
inspired both by Carrie's apartment from the SATC movie 
and my husbands blue dress shirts.

Carrie's Apartment

Bedroom Renewed In Blue

Found inspiration in my HUSBANDS wardrobe.

I was looking to restyle our bedroom
with something crisp, clean, and fresh...
but revamping what we already had...
and maybe a new piece or two.

Black, White, and Blue
Two dress shirts in particular appealed to me the most, so I brought them with me to try to match paint samples. After I found some, I brought them home, to observe them in the lighting in our space (b/c you really shouldn't pick a paint WHILE you're IN the store). After a week or so of sampling, I had settled on one: Behr's Magic Spell... which after painting ONE wall, it turned out NOT to be.

Behr's Magic Spell on right
RL Calypso on left
Husband called Behr's blue Blurple

Thankfully, my husband was already out, spending the morning fishing. I asked if he could bring home another can of a different color and brand... Thankfully he did.

This one, RL Calypso, paired well with our black furniture,
taupe Mohawk waffle Berber rug, and crisp white linens....

Brought in B&W photos I had taken on our honeymoon in Italy.

Two these here were previously located downstairs, above an old wall unit.
The center one was in the guest bathroom. Pulled together for a collection.

Repainted metal candle holders white:
previously black (and another time silver)
The white glass vase held a scented candle,
but concealed for uncluttered look.

Layered bed linens to add texture...
except ONE piece (the print) isn't a bed linen:
it's a table cloth I used to band the print.
Found at Marshalls for only $3.

Previously, the window hardware was left 
in its original location,
just above the window.
Raising it to the ceiling helped give
our semi-small space height.
The nesting table set at window was
FOUND in trash without tops.
Purchased some MDF, cut to fit and I painted it white.

Repainted ball lamps white,
previously yellow (and originally brick red).
Added a new shade ($7 from Ikea),
also in white, helped keep the space crisp looking.
Black fret-like panels were brought up from the Dining Room.
They complimented the vertical lines
of the raised window panels.

Notice how the color changed in the space
when the lighting changed? This chest of drawers is SILVERLEAF,
but here looks gold.
Framed a print we had gotten in Venice,
and flanked it with two more photos I shot in Venice.
These photos were left in color because they worked with the print.

Placing the round mirror above the headboard 
not only created a FOCAL POINT,
it accentuated the height in the space...
plus it was something different than place 1, 2, or 3
pictures above the bed, like we had before.

The blue kick lasted about 5 months, and then I went right back to RL Mercer (which is like a deep mocha.) It's more versatile this way... although now I'm itchin' to go with a smokey grey... just need paint. Here's how the space looked before painted Mercer, and with the lower rod at the window:

Styled in 2007, when we first moved here to our town home.
More of a 'hotel' look... uncluttered and safe...
This year, I'm working on breaking away, and let more be more.

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  1. You paint your bedroom every 5 months? I came across you page because I searched Behr Magic spell. Considering painting my bathroom that color, but I agree, it looks purple!


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