SNEAK PEEK: Valentines Tablescape

Sneak Peek of Valentines TableTop for Tuesday...

Sparing expenses, gathering objects from around the house
to create a meaningful and LOVE filled
dining space for our Valentines Dinner Sunday...


  1. Oh man....It IS coming up, isn't it?

    Love what you did with your house....and sighed when I saw some of those SA prices! C'mon folks! Our Habitat Homestore is doing that too...pisses me off!

  2. Right? I thought they were non-profit and were suppose to HELP people? Guess they see the "trend" and are trying to make a buck? But they could have at least sent some of those pieces to a consignment shop... and been win win.

    But it's SA's... not NYCLQ's...
    ThX for stopping by and commenting!
    :D Lynda



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