There is just something about Tuesday's that inspire office clean up! No matter how organized you are, papers do accumulate. Both my husband and I have office tasks we've been meaning to get to. Sunday, I had started to purge papers no longer in need, created some piles to be filed, and files that have grown to be made into binders. Armed with a shredder, label maker, trash can, reusable binders and folders... today is about cleaning up paper clutter... and then giving the office a good dusting!

In the meantime, here are two Examiner articles I wrote earlier this year, giving tips on organizing your home office:

Hope you're having a wonderful & productive day...


  1. can someone come in and just dump my desk into a trash bin??
    i am so buried... xx

  2. OK..........since I am the opposite of a packrat, this is never an issue for me. I do however have to repeatedly clean and organize the junk drawer due to the hubs and kidlet. :)

  3. Right now my house is tidy, but please don't look in the drawer in my nightstand or the junk drawer in the kitchen! I have about two hours worth of work between the two. Guess what I'm doing this evening? Thanks for the prompting.



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