Some stores just "get it". They understand the power of presentation. They create inspirational focal points in practically every line-of-site. They put together approachable compositions, with such clarity and impact it just makes you sigh (a good sigh) because you admire (and want) everything in site! One such store who has mastered the art of visual presentation is ZGallerie...

A perfect palette for the South Florida market is featured towards the front of the store. And without shouting SALE! with the clutter of banners and oversized signs, their presentation quietly states the obvious when needed...

Crisp clean palettes and meaningful statements give their stores the wow factor by mixing elements as you would in your own home. A well lit and balanced mix of displays and merchandised assortments make it easy for customers to shop, imagine and create their own look...

Although the basic layout may be based off a racetrack concept (simple circular pattern leading customers through a store) its creatively set visual vignettes invite you to linger, wander, and meander through the store - eagerly taking in every detail, for fear of missing out on some wonderful find...

Vignettes are merchandised by color, helping designers and customers alike keep their focus, as well as feature palettes in a more transitional way. For example: orange when paired with khaki and white feels more fresh and summery while pairing orange elements with more espresso evokes the rich feel of fall...

Do you have a ZGallerie near you? This particular location opened recently (about a year ago) nearby and I was thrilled when it did. It's a wonderful place to explore and to be inspired from...

Have a wonderful weekend!

All photos by Lynda Quintero-Davids of the ZGallerie -
Pembroke Gardens - Pembroke Pines - Florida


  1. I love love love ZGallerie...........gorgeous stuff. Great pics, thanks for the virtual tour!

  2. Great photos!!! LOVE ZGallerie!

  3. I LOVE Z gallerie. So MAD (!!!!) that the NYC location has been closed. :(

  4. Very nice post - will have too see if there is a ZGallerie anywhere close to me in the Bay Area. Inspired now to go visit.


  5. Thanks for the tour! I LOVE the Dallas ZGallerie!!!

  6. Thank you for stopping by - and taking the time to comment!! Z Gallerie liked the post too - and I received a lovely email stating so from the VP of Merchandising =) (very cool for the post to have gotten noticed!!

    :) Lynda


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