Blogger Interview Feature at Modern Bird Studios

I'm honored to have Megan over at Modern Bird Studios (PLEASE NOTE: SITE TEMPORARILY UNDER CONSTRUCTION - link broken - sorry for the inconvenience) be featuring her interview of me today! It's my first interview as a blogger - very cool 'cause I'm still a newbie coming up on my first year shortly! Be sure to check out the interview - Weekly Blogger Interview - Focal Point - where you'll learn this Jersey girl is 'more Soprano than Jersey Shore!'

PLUS: Stay tuned to FOCAL POINT for some breaking news!!!

(just bear with me because I'm still figuring out some quirks on the new PC the hubs installed yesterday!)



  1. Woo Hoo.............great write up! Kudos for getting the recognition.
    Can't wait for the breaking news!!

  2. Congrats on the exposure! Love the pic of you- so classy, girl. I used to stalk RMS before it became so snarky. I fell in love with your Cash Cab room. When you signed up to follow me, I looked you up and low and behold- it was you!! Great talent there. I started in retail- always the one who created the displays out on the floor in my area, even though I was never in the visual dept. I used to go over and tweak what somebody else had already done.... Was I bad, or what? LOL
    ~ Sue

  3. Yes Sue - RMS has changed a LOT and I miss the old crew that was there - I think we all left and became bloggers though... lol

    Thanks for stopping by Jill, Caron, and Sue...

    :D Lynda



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