Thank you ever so much!! Because of your votes - Sephora's Sophisticated Lair moodboard has managed - in just two days - to place as #6 in the TOP 8 entries (out of sixty-four entries in the past ten days!!) THAT is AWESOME!! The Frontgate Pet Design Contest started back on August 13 and ends this Friday on August 27. As of now, most are designed for fabulous pups. The competition is very close. I'd need at least ten more votes to perhaps reach the top three slots. As stated by The Frontgate: "Pet owners can be stylish too" and here are the Top 8 entries:

#1 the new paramatta
by charisantonio
29 votes

#2 boutique nouveau
by charisantonio
27 votes

#3 a room for the three of us
by bmoreguy
26 votes

#4 frontgate pet design contest
by interioradoration
24 votes
#5 city glamour
by charisantonio
23 votes

#6 sephora's sophisticated lair
by nyclq (that's me!!)
13 votes

#7 red white black
by bmoreguy
tied with 13 votes

#8 pet purity
by milish
12 votes

Although you can enter multiple boards, only the one with the highest votes will qualify for the top three prizes:

The prize amounts are listed below in Frontgate Store Credit

1st Prize: $500 USD
2nd Prize: $100 USD
3rd Prize: $50 USD

In comparison to the other boards, I know my board is set a little different than the others. At the time I had created it, I was experimenting with a different layout: furnishings to one side and textiles to the other, but still defining a style - and with only three days left to vote, if I re-created it to a room layout, it probably wouldn't place... I'm amazed this has! Most of these boards are so wonderful and so well thought out!

So please take a moment to go

Thanks again for your vote...

 and Sephora thanks you too.

The campaigning continues...

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