I hope you had a wonderful weekend, filled with family, friends, and fun projects! I'm currently working on finishing up a project I got inspired to do yesterday. The inspiration came soon after watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie I've never seen before: VERTIGO. Wow! I loved the 50's style (somewhat reminded me of Mad Men) and loved some of the cinematography (especially for that time period). One of my fave shots was in the stairway looking down...

I started thinking about our stairway (even though not as tall as the one in Vertigo) and decided this would be where I'd set up this years Halloween decor. Last year, I had skully and his friends in the dining room, but since the dining room has already transformed into fall this year (started with "Branching Out" and it has evolved) I thought I'd take advantage of our floating shelves and height in the stairway. I have a few touches I'm finishing up and I'll post pics soon...

I'm loving it!
It's spook-tacular!


  1. Lynda I can already see it! You and I have matching brains, I swear! If this is what I think it is - I'm gonna scream! :)

  2. =) Hmmmm.... Now I can't wait to see yours Artie!! Thanks for stopping by...

    :D Lynda



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