WOW! What a weekend! It was definitely filled with JOY! Not only was I able to spend Friday evening with my friend Rosemarie, but because of her, we were able to have a "Night Of Hope" in Miami with Joel Osteen. He said it was a "time for transition and new beginnings" - which I do believe to be true. After that evening, it was a time for rest - because the next day, I drove down south to Kendall to decorate my moms town home for Christmas...

Last year was the first time she had actually even wanted to decorate in something like ten years. Since the pre-lit tree and most ornaments were already purchased last year (and she LOVED it!) I really didn't need to buy much at all for her place this year. What I did pick-up though were two more cream velvet pillow covers for the sofa and one mercury glass hurricane to add shine to her coffee table. Since my camera phone isn't operating & I need to bring it in, I relied back on my old camera - which still takes pretty good pictures but geeez! it seemed like it took forever to upload and save.

I'll post more pics & info about the space tomorrow...

On Sunday, I was also able to spend some time with another friend - Jose. He too use to work as a Visual Director down at the JCP Dadeland store. As a matter of fact, I handed him my resume seventeen years ago. And just this past April, he too had to hear his "position has been eliminated". What are ya gonna do? All that we can - like they say in the movie Madagascar - "Just smile and wave". It's all good because we're joining forces and going to be helping each other out with future design projects. It was kind of funny how the day went. Although we had planned on checking out Art Basel on South Beach - the tickets were ridiculous and so was the line - so we opted to spend time catching up over a light lunch on Lincoln Road. It was true value added to our lives - at a time when we both could REALLY use it... This really is a time for transition and new beginnings... and most definitely a time to let nothing steal your JOY!

The back-ordered merchandise finally arrived for my Clients master bedroom makeover. And since she is so pleased with the transformation of her home, she has referred me to another two clients - one of which I am creating centerpieces for a Christmas party this weekend! I'm also helping out a friend with her Christmas decor because she needs to care for her little chihuahua Isabella - who was viciously attacked and almost bled to death on Thanksgiving day...

"Shall I play for you pah-rumm-pa-pumm-pummm"
(from the Little Drummer Boy)
This is what the season is truly all about - Not necessarily buying
the most expensive gift - but GIVING YOURSELF & YOUR TIME to
Friends & Family...


  1. Lynda, what a lucky Mom!! It all looks so simple and elegant, just lovely and you are right the gift of time and ourselves is always the best gift and I am sure you Mom loved the time she spent with you, Merry Christmas,

  2. Lovely! Would enjoy seeing the dining table decor. :-)
    Sheryl (Flittteringbutterfly)

  3. Looks so beautiful...........good to see old friends to catch up, good for you!

  4. Happy Holidays Lynda ... Beautiful work. And I agree with you 2011 is going to be huge !

    Teresa Joyce



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