Ti's the season for long hours, extra projects, and seasonal stress - right? It doesn't have to be all that. It's also a time for reflection and catching up with friends - both old and new. And I'm not talking about some faux-facebook friends we may have. I'm talking about those few (count them on your hand) friends. The ones who "get you" or who seem to pop-up just when you need them the most. One such friend of mine, Rosemarie, called me to ask if I'd be interested in going with her to see Joel Osteen tonite in Miami. Through out this past year, she's been the person who'd call to "see how I was doing" and those calls couldn't have meant more.

JOY 2010

JOY 2009

JOY 2008
We use to work together, and for her own personal reasons, she left the company (before I did) to work closer to home. Three weeks ago, the store she was at decided to close. Now she already went through one lay-off in her life (after working at Lord & Taylor for seventeen years), so she knew the "drill" she may be up against. Thankfully though, they relocated her - ironically back to the same area she had left from (to be closer to home).  Not only do we have our store saga's in common - but back on November 4, 2004,  she had given me Joel's first book - Your Best life Now. In it, Joel has a phrase that says "NEVER LET ANYTHING STEAL YOUR JOY. It's probably because of his inspiring words, I've prominently displayed "JOY" in our home for the holidays.

JOY 2007

JOY 2007

The ways I have experienced and expressed joy has changed throughout the years. But no matter what has happened, what changes have occurred, or what adversity has come my way - somehow, I have maintained JOY. A huge part of that joy is expressed when I not only have a plan and see it through, or somehow get through a difficult time, but I experience joy when I read the beautiful comments here on the blog, facebook & twitter, or when I receive an email from you letting me know that I have inspired you. THAT is where I find my true joy... inspiring others.

JOY 2006

JOY 2009

How do you express or experience JOY? Is it just some letters and ribbons you put up for the holidays? Or does it have significant meaning to you? Over the weekend, as you tweak the tinsel, craft your Christmas, or start stressing over the season... take a moment to think about something what makes you happy and brings you JOY...

The JOY of friendships...
Rosemarie in red - I'm grinning down below!

Spread it around because you never know who just might be in need of it too.
Thank you for the many beautiful comments left on the "Simple Comfort & Joy" post earlier this week. You say I've inspired you - but so many of YOU have actually inspired me.

I've seen Joel one other time (back in I think 2005 up in Ft. Lauderdale), but I am SO looking forward to seeing and hearing him tonite! THANK YOU ROSEMARIE!!

Have a great project filled weekend - and see you back
on the blog on Monday!


  1. Lynda, so beautiful. True Joy comes from within not all the outward stuff. I sounds to me as if you know what true joy is and who it comes from!!! Beautifully written post.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Lynda, enJOY your evening with your friend. Spending quite time with my hubby brings me joy, and giving to people or organizations that are less fortunate gives me joy, it truly is better to give than to receive!
    I love your blog, especially the Christmas decor, great job!
    Merry Christmas

  3. Beautiful post!! And I love all your pictures!!!

  4. Great post Lynda....I wanted to stop by and ask you how seeing Joel was. I love him and watch him on TV, our pastor speaks of him often. I have heard him speak your phrase. I too love the world joy for the holidays. Afterall, Joy to the World....is what is should be right? Up until our move this year I had these little ceramic candleholders that spelled out JOY and I displayed them every year. They broke last year and Ive been looking for something this year to replace them...so hard because of my children gave it to me from there school holiday shops. lol You've put in mission mode to find my joy this year...thanks!



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