I don't know about you, but I miss the concepts of the old design programs HGTV use to air. I'm SOOO over House Hunters - especially with the way the market is these days. I enjoy seeing creativity at its height, and to me sometimes that means making something out of nothing or turning trash to treasure. Two shows out there doing just that are American Pickers on The History Channel and Dresscue Me on TLC's Planet Green.

I posted this place & info on their site - If they ever come to Florida, they will LOVE StoneAge Antiques - They've been collecting signs and South Florida treasures for over 45 years.

It's funny the hubs actually came across this show and brought it to my attention a while back, and recently a friend on Facebook commented they could see me doing that. I've seen the show every now and then, but didn't get that into it - until now. I think it was because a few times when picker Mike Wolfe would ask, "Well, how much do you want for it?" I've actually guessed right! (and a few pretty darn close!) which I thought was pretty cool. I'd like to see the shop they resell all their finds in, which Mike is opening in Nashville, TN in June 2011, called Antique Archeology. A show similar to this concept aired on HGTV earlier this year (on Saturday nights) but they moved it and it's been hard to catch; it's called Cash & Cari. She's spotted some amazing finds (like a hobnail collection) as well as had her specialist (and dad) repair and refinish pieces to sell in her shop. BTW: If you'd like an item appraised by Cari, you can upload your pics at HGTV on Cari's Page.

Over the weekend, while flipping through OnDemand searching for something interesting to watch, I came across a program on TLC called Dresscue Me - and I'm HOOKED! The leading lady of the show isn't the nicest person on earth, but she's got a really good eye. She salvages old and discarded garments from Goodwill and the like - often times buying clothes by the pound, to resell in her shop she owns in LA. She's very informative of the style & design history behind the clothes - even if it's a knock-off - and she restyles them for today. She took a 80's / Crystal Carrington red ruched long sleeve w/shoulder pads dress, and removed the shoulder pads and sleeves - added a curved band of bling to the outside of the ruched waist - and wah-lah! A dress designed for today, at an affordable price (only $68), upcycled, salvaged and saved from filling another landfill - I LOVE IT! She also has a shop in Soho, NYC - but it has no sign out front - just a single red dress hanging from the fire escape (ok- that's gotta change - leave the dress but come on - add a sign!) It's on TLC on Thursday evenings. It just started airing in April, so you can easily catch-up on OnDemand.

Shareen Mitchell - host and founder of Shareen Vintage...

goes through this...
(she really does)

and with the help of her team...
(although she can be short on patience at times - she's just a woman who KNOWS what she wants and has HIGH expectation levels for her staff to have as much passion and attention to detail as she.)

Together, they recreate & reinvent that pile headed to a landfill
into the clothing for her shop...
(which is also located in NYC, in Soho. I think Stan, the Elegant Thrifter needs to swing by and take us on  a tour!!)

Shareen also helps people...
Both everyday women and Hollywood Super Stars
to style their vintage vibe...
While I'm loving those shows... another show I caught up with (and want to choke these people) is Extreme Couponing. I thought they would have an abundance of shopping tips... And they do have abundance - just of WAY TOO MUCH crap stored in every nook and cranny in their house! And it isn't even all healthy!! Liters and cans of soda stock piled in your kids closet?? Are you kidding me? And tons of bags of chips and cheap hot dogs??? In stead of trying to save money, why not rethink trying to save your frickin' arteries!! And even the health conscious over do it with 100 cups of yogurt! That shit will go bad before anyone could eat it all and then what? You've created waste for a landfill. Not to mention all the TIME these people waste. Now some do have a good system of filing, but some are even out of control with the amount of coupons they have - $2 million dollars worth of savings? Tell me - what are you saving by buying crap - like 50 bags of cat treats - and LAUGHINGLY saying you DON'T HAVE A CAT??? Then donate it to the Humane Society.

I believe both Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil need to do an EXTREME intervention on this new breed of hoarders - birthed from our country's recession. I mean seriously, these people are going to get Diabetes or have a stroke or heart attck while getting their adrenaline rush and fix in line... and it will probably been truly caused by: clogged arteries from the chips, cakes, breads - PROCESSED food they're filling themselves up with - just because they have a coupon? I'd love to see these people step into Dr. Oz's truth tube. For the record - I am by NO MEANS a tree-hugging, vegetarian health nut - but come on! Exercise SOME control people!!! There are so many other productive tasks that could be done in the time they are clipping coupons - ride a bike, take a walk, learn a new skill, help a friend, volunteer to help strangers or even volunteer to help animals at a shelter. Hell - write a blog to HELP people save money!

Guess she's ready for the post-poned rapture?

This is RI-frickin-DIC-ulous...
And IF you have THIS MANY coupons, then invest your savings into some file cabinets to line along the wall or all your savings are going to go to Dr. bills when you pull your back out lifting them!!

Another missed opportunity to invest those savings:

The ONE great task I did see from one of the couponers was that he not only stocked up on food (and a RIDICULOUS amount of toothpaste!) for his family, but he planned and executed putting together packages to donate to the troops overseas. With so much homelessness happening right here in our own backyard, these hoarders - extreme couponers need to pay forward their so called good fortune - you know, "Love thy neighbor." And that's what a lot of it is - their perseverance has given them the good fortune to save. IT IS NOT A TALENT as they often claim to have. Picasso has talent. A carpenter has a skill. Extreme couponers have got issues unresolved for they are forever and feverishly trying to fill a void with all their STUFF. One even said, when she gets it all put away and organized, she likes to sit back and look at it.(SMH)

Do you REALLY "need" all those
frickin' croutons with your frickn' coupons??

And by no means am I bashing couponers. Even while I was watching the show, I was doing my regular Sunday paper clippings, and creating my shopping list from them. The most I've saved on a shopping trip (at Thanksgiving thankfully) was $83 and I was proud - but I didn't sit back and look at my pile. Or collect milk crates full of coupons and have to cut a hole in the wall under the stairs to make a space to store them. And I didn't have to spend 5 hours in a grocery store and even have to CALL people to come to the store because a coupon was limited to one coupon per household for some item purchase of a quantity of 20. I can see a new mom buying 20 packages of diapers to stock up on if they were a good deal - (SMH) but not food or medication. Those things will expire (even bottled water expires!) and then what? You've created waste.

It's kind of ironic.. with all the salvaging from landfills and repurposing Cari, Shareen and the Pickers do, it looks like the extreme couponers are creating MORE WASTE for landfills with all the TRASH they are accumulating. Instead of accumulating, why not try donating?

But, just like we watch the shows we love, I guess we also must see the train wrecks happening too.
Have you seen these shows? What do you think?


  1. I love American Pickers! I was just watching it last night! Kori xoxo

  2. Sounds like you are doing a lot of bashing here! I am not a stock-piler but I don't judge people for doing it either. If you read or listen to the show A LOT of them do donate their overages to shelters. That woman bought the cat food because it PAID her to take it. So she made money buying it... so she could buy things on her list she didn't have a coupon for. I am not saying this is a good way to live or for everyone but what gives you the right to judge people on the way they live?? Would you want someone coming into your home and pointing at every thing you were doing wrong!?!?!?!

  3. I gotta say I love extreme couponing! I wish I knew how to do it!

  4. I'm not a fan of extreme couponing either. Not judging it, just not my thing. Too much stuff makes me feel physically uncomfortable, and because we're not into processed food - I find it hard to get jazzed over a cart full of toothpaste and deodorant.

    Love American Pickers, and my opinion on House Hunters is that surely all of the houses must have been hunted by now!

  5. I cannot stand Extreme Couponing, it doesn't matter if they donate SOME of their finds, it's hoarding plan and simple.

    It's also causing a lot of supermarkets to change their coupon policy (all they needed was an excuse and this show has done it). So they've messed it up for people who use coupons to just save for the basics for their family....

  6. Enjoy American Pickers. Did anyone watch Cash and Cari when Cari held an estate sale for her grandparents collection? I noticed Cari didn't reduce the selling price on items she sold for family members so quickly. This was a little disappointing since Cari is almost always trying to get folks to reduce their sale prices in estate sales.
    ~ Michi



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