Last week, while looking out the window onto the back patio, I noticed a little grey and black figure. At first, I thought it was a rock, then I thought it was a frog. But it turned out to be a tiny baby bird. The hubs & I had been watching the mother bird for weeks - never moving from the perch on her nest up in the tree hoovering over our patio... so I guessed this must have been one of her little ones. Because of the myth of "don't touch a fallen bird or the mother won't take care of it", I left it in its spot. Occasionally thoughout the rest of the afternoon, I'd take a peak to check and see if mama came to care for her young... but she didn't.

When the Jeff got home, he wedged our hurricane shutter ladder into the tree, to put the bird back into its nest. But when he got up there, he said it not only was completely flat, but there was another little bird sitting in the nest. Now I had seen the nest from the upstairs window, but (SMH) never saw mama bird come back to the nest to care for this one either. Fearing the bird would only fall out again, I made a little nest - from a tee shirt, dried leaves grass, and sticks, and placed it in a Nike shoe box. Jeff had drilled some holes into the box for air, and I was going to bring the bird in the morning to the Wildlife Rescue Center. Later that same evening, the other bird fell out too. SO I placed it in the boxed nest. The two slept together in our office overnight.

In the morning, we lifted the cover to reveal that the first one didn't make it. After a little cry, Jeff took him across the street and buried it along side of a buried neighborhood cat (had been struck by a car from some A-hole in the neighborhood). I brought the box back to the patio, sat it on a chair under the tree, and had hoped mama would come back to care for it. In the meantime, I took down from the attic, some of the nests from the Easter table. I widened it a little, added some dried leaves and grass, and secured it with wire.

The hubs placed the nest on top of the existing nest, an then carried up the little guy. We thought he'd be more secure with this nest because it actually had sides to it... but he fell out again - this time landing in a planter. I placed him back into the boxed nest and Jeff (on his way into work) brought him into the Wildlife Rescue Center. They rushed the bird to the back to care for him quickly (because he was so tiny). They gave Jeff a card with a patient number to call back in a few days to check on our patient. 

So sad to say... he too didn't make it...
But we tried :...(

RIP lil' Twitter...


  1. So sad that the little birdies didn't make it. Glad that you tried, though! We saved some possums last year. We released them into the woods and I often think of them.

  2. I attempted to save a bird when I was younger. That was when we live in a small suburban neighborhood.

    sigh...little birdie is in little birdie heaven.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Oh so sad, but a valiant effort! We have a several nests in our yard every year and sometimes the babies just don't make it.

  4. Yes, definitely an A++ for effort. It's hard to replace Mother Nature. You did all the right things by putting it back in it's nest an going above and beyond and making a nest. I have a rescue center just miles from my home so if I see helpless babies I take it right over. They have all the necessities to feed it and care for it. I wouldn't know what to do!



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