"i < 3 thrifting party" this weekend!

That's right! Mr. Goodwill Hunting - aka Rashon Carraway - has been gathering participants for the largest thrift party imaginable! He's even got a t-shirt (available in two colors black or pink) for thrift enthusiasts to wear for the party. Just hash-tag your tweets and share your pictures to #ilovethrifting all day Saturday. You'll even get a chance to be featured on his blog!

Stop by his blog and you can also read about a new blog series Rashon started called how thrifting has changed my life.  #ilovethrifting too! Congrats Rashon! Have FUN and have a GREAT party!!

Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. Lynda, Are you going out thrifting on Saturday? I'm looking to find some fellow thrifters around our neck of the woods.

  2. Would love to, but the weather hasn't been very cooperatable!! There is an actual meet up group, that happens every month - I'll have to post info about it =)



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