Five (almost) New Design Books

Reading books online is ok, but when it comes to design books, I prefer to have the real thing. But keeping up with all the great design books being published can wreak havoc on my wallet. That's why I prefer to buy most of my design books through Amazon's Used book section. Sometimes, even though these books are in the used section, they could actually be new. Thankfully, I feel like I've lucked out and gotten most books in new or almost new condition. Along with magazines & Pinterest, they are a great source of decor inspiration. Here are the last five I recently purchased just after the holidays - a mix of storage ideas, decor, and style...

Country Living's

Blogger Holly Becker's

Blogger Grace Bonney's

Friend & Designer James Swan's
(also a very engaging page on facebook!)

and the real treat:
Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style

The prices vary and alter slightly, so click on links above to take you to their used section. I wish shipping was a flat rate from the site, but these books all still come out to be less than buying them at Barnes & Nobel new.... So much so their total could easily be one design book there. Think of it as thrifting on line. Another place I'd like to look into for books is a used book store I spotted up in Scottsdale (but need to look up name) and also saw a local museum library recently held a book fair to sell some of their books. Thrifting is good for books - but not necessarily current design books. If you're looking for some recommended reading, people have boards on Pinterest usually labeled "Books Worth Reading".

Where are some places you score deals on books?


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  1. you raise a good point, I always watch eBay for the occasional bargain, but VERY hard to get recent publications (unfortunately). They are quite expensive. If I want to try b4 I buy, I always see if my library has it. Sometimes you'd be surprised what they have!!



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