And the One Lovely Blog Award goes to...

I can’t believe it’s nearly been 3 years since I started my blog! When I started, I had no idea what a blog was or anything about social media. My first attempt at sharing content online was posting a few photos on HGTV's Rate My Space back in 2007. And after leaving the four walls of a brick & mortar establishment three years ago doing visual merchandising, I was encouraged by many people to share more of my creativity by starting a blog. 
I've very much enjoyed sharing my DIY projects, thrift finds, seasonal transformations, holiday decor, tablescapes, store tours - mostly all fueled by wanting to help people create a look for less - from a simple shift to shopping thrift! I also even enjoyed sharing a few client projects I had the pleasure of doing in South Florida plus more of the online design boards and link ups I've been doing here in Arizona.  
Sometimes the posts have taken several hours to pull together between organizing & editing photos, including link-backs to sources when necessary (especially now using Pinterest), creating more online-design boards, documenting "how-to's" for a DIY project and writing informative content. My style has evolved over time & I'm still learning as I go. The feedback from readers has been you appreciate my time & effort - and I am grateful - Thank you.
For me, blogging has yes been a creative outlet but it has also been a huge learning experience. What is html? What is SEO? What are pixels? How do you resize photos? How do you add a link? How do you add tabs? Are you linked to Facebook? Did you tweet that post? What is my "voice"? What is... oh, you get the picture. That's why I was completely honored when I had recently received this One Lovely Blog Award given to me from Antoinette Plummer of Push Interiors Blog --  Many thanks to you Antoinette!

Here are rules behind acceptance of this award:

1. Include the blog award logo in my post. [√]
2. Thank the person who nominated me. [√]
3. Nominate 15 other people: Let them know I have done so, linking to their sites & back to this post. [√]
4. Reveal seven [7] things you may not know about me. [√]
Random truths be told...
1.  When I was a child,  I enjoyed playing with my dad's mini tools in the garage and grew up in New Jersey, pretty much as a Tom-Boy.
2. When I was a teen, I redecorated my room probably every six months (sound familiar?) and started my love of fashion doing window displays when I was 15.
3.  In my 20's I did weight training, biking, dancing and swimming. In my 30's I did biking, dancing and yoga. In my 40's... I lost my motivation and need to get it back!
4.  I could LIVE off home made hot buttered popcorn and Pinot Grigio. (yum!)
5. One of my biggest fears is getting lost or stranded at sea or in the desert (and now look where we are! lol) Other fears are being bit by a scorpion, snake, or eaten by a shark.
6. I love learning factoids - especially about New York. Did you know - Wall Street got its name from the wall built by the Dutch to keep the Indians out off the tip of the island of Manhatta (Island of many hills).
7. I would love to have a flower shop some day, filled with a mix of salvaged chippy finds, flowers, and even serve coffee & desserts.
Now, it’s my turn to pass on the One Lovely Blog Award to the 15 other Bloggers that I appreciate and admire (it was challenging to pick only 15!) Who knows, you may enjoy reading their blogs too. Be sure to check them out...
1. Chaotically Creative
2. Centsational Girl

3. Charisse Marie Cobert Interiors
4. Dabble In Chic 

5. Design Magnifique
6. Emily A. Clark Interiors

7. Jennifer Reynolds Interiors
8. HLM Interior Design
9. Lisa Mande Design
10. Pinklet and C
11. Sarah Elizabeth Home

12. Selma Hammer Designs
13. Simply Savvy
14 Snob Interior Design
15. Stacy Naquin Interiors
I have met some pretty amazing & talented people through blogging, through social media, and through olioboarding (blogged about OB here before it took off in popularity this year!!). Some people I've met along the way have been just friendly connections, like meeting Janelle for lunch or watch Valorie and her husband tango the night away. Some others I've met at art & design events or have been to work on collaborations together as I have with Kate from Dabble in Chic. And yet other more recent meetings have been to connect with new people after moving to a new area (like the thrift meet-up!). Going forward, I hope to meet even more people IRL (in real life) at future blog & design conferences, art events, or design expos plus local meet-ups. A person in particular I'd like to meet with in our "Mountain" Zone is Jane Gianarelli - we KNOW we are Fashion + Decor soul sisters!
Thrifting meet-up here in Arizona.

Designer meet up at the DCOTA in Florida.

Meeting online friends IRL for lunch.

I am so honored to have been received this One Lovely Blog award so again a big thank you goes out to my olioboarding & blogging friend Antoinette Plummer for including me in her list. This was a fun post to write about and I'm even more excited to read what everyone else writes about themselves! Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope you enjoyed it :)



  1. Oh you are so sweet to nominate me! I'd better get to work on my post and my list. :)

  2. Thank you so much Lynda....You are so awesome ;) I'm going to write a post about it some time this week. Wishing you a wonderful week. Cheers, M!!

  3. P.S. I can't wait to meet you IRL some day.

  4. You are so thoughtful! I enjoyed seeing your photos of real life meet-ups! The networking and online friendships we all form is amazing - meeting IRL would be fabulous! Blessings, hugs, and continued success- Julie

  5. Lynda, it's an honor to be nominated, Thank You! You are a true inspiration and your great work is a pleasure follow. To blogging buddies, salut!

    Jane Gianarelli, Snob

  6. Lynda, I am so honored to be included in your list of bloggers. This was such a wonderful gesture and a nice surprise. Your online presence is ubiquitous. I am very grateful to you for including my blog. I like your dream to have a flower shop that serves baked goods. Perhaps I can collaborate with you on that dream since I love to arrange flowers and consider myself a pretty good baker. You represent the essence of design with every cell of your being. Thank you for the design inspiration.


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