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There are a few shows I enjoy watching on Sunday nights - not design shows, but drama filled (without reality TV!) and design inspiration sources. I'm crushing on a new show on ABC called 666 Park Avenue. If you liked the movie, The Devil's Advocate, you'll love 666 Park Avenue! Last Sunday was the shows premiere, and the Devil's Advocate is exactly what the show reminded me of: People all living at The Drake in New York City (yup - you had me at NYC!) and they all want something in life - a lost love, a successful career, or to land their ultimate dream job. The owner of the building, a business savvy Realtor tycoon (hmm, Trump perhaps?) also is savvy at making deals with peoples lives. But it's not all dark and deep. What also intrigued me was this young couple who applied to manage the building also get the perk of an apartment there. While making the rounds of touring the building for upkeep, one of the characters also loves history and architecture and is very much like the Internet wanting to know all there is to know about the buildings history and the people who live (or lived) in it. Tonight, she felt as if the building was speaking to her. She wandered behind a locked door in the basement, and of course, the show ended with the door slamming behind her! I can't wait to see what happens next week!

Cool scenery, sets, and wardrobe on 666 Park Avenue.
You can read more about the show, and probably catch-up on the last two episodes on line here.

666 Park Avenue - on ABC

Another show both the hubs and I enjoyed watching during the week now also shifted to Sunday: Revenge. I was wondering how they were going to carry-on Emily's revenge (really Amanda's) and I was shocked to see characters we thought had been killed off, brought back this season. Again, all this taking place over on the East Coast - this time in The Hamptons...

 More fab fashion, sets, and interiors...
Revenge - on ABC

Another east coast show Jeff and I enjoy watching on Sunday nights is (was) Boardwalk Empire (taking place in New Jersey during the prohibition). But we've actually been recording this to watch on Tuesday (instead of the way too drawn out Dancing With The Stars, night two). Boardwalk along with Copper (takes place in/around the 5 Points and Uptown in New York City) are two really good period shows. I love looking at all the clothing and sets from that time period, and probably where I got some of my craving plaid and steampunk looks this Fall...

(I miss Jimmy Darmody - gent to far left)

What are some Sunday shows you enjoy watching? 
Have you seen any of these? What did you think?

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  1. We love The Mentalist which has moved to Sunday night and also AFV.



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