Around Town: Tour of Christmas Lights

So much more enjoyable than last year, we enjoyed an evening of touring Christmas light displays last night!  This time last year, we had just moved here to AZ, and we really didn't know our way around - so we had stayed driving around neighborhood and very close to the house. Last night, we used a Christmas Lights App on Jeff's iPhone, which brought us first to Downtown Chandler to see the Tumbleweed Tree and then to a Christmas lights Spectacular in Mesa, AZ called Cherry Lane. They even had people coming to the display via limos and Trolley cars! Cherry Lanes is a "guys" haven - filled with competitive light displays, restored vintage cars and garages converted to mancaves galore!



Another place we went to, also near Mesa, was a block of houses with a lighting display linked to a Christmas music radio station. We had shut off the truck, and had the radio on to watch and listen... but apparently doing that drained Jeff's already weak battery. We sat on the side of the street for about 30 minutes waiting for AAA to come give us a jump... EVEN THOUGH Jeff put the hood up, dangled the jumper cables at the engine and kept the light on inside for people to see us. I think we counted about 6 cars that passed us by, looking at us as if we were the Christmas display -- NO ONE stopped to ask if we needed help.

In spite of some of the bah-humbug spirit here in AZ, we totally enjoyed the light displays in the brisk winter air. And also stopped at a pizza joint called Frankie's Famous Pizza to get a slice - deelish! - we located thru Jeff's iPhone app!
Christmas in Arizona...
Christmas lights on cacti to a tumbleweed tree!
On Christmas Eve, we'll drive around here to see some more. Last year, we did see one really nice display of Christmas spirit in a neighborhood that not only did lights, but they had lined the sidewalks with luminaries too! Have you gone yet to see light displays by you?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So much fun Lynda!Thanks for posting your pics. Merry Christmas!

  2. Great night photos -- So sorry people weren't helpful. Looks like you had fun anyway~

  3. What a beautiful, festive tour! I love Christmas lights. We have two parks within driving distance that set up a drive-thru tour. Always so pretty. All that's missing is snow...wish I could send ours your way! ;) I would have stopped to give your battery a jump. I guess people are just busy and on least that's what I'd like to believe. {hug}

    Merry Christmas, Lynda!

  4. That looks like it was so much fun! We are going to my in-laws house for finger food dinner tonight and on our way home we will drive through the neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights. I'm excited! Merry Christmas!



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