Last week while making the rounds of making returns after my install, I popped into a local JCPenney Home Store. The JCP Home Stores carry an expanded version of the home section of the main department store and they too have been undergoing some major transformations. While the main store has been improving on stock levels (they looked way too understocked for a while) the home store did too but now seems to be turning a major corner. The day I had popped into The Superstition Home Store in Mesa, AZ, they had cleared floor space in their furniture lines section - now called "shops". One of the main new lines - and TOTALLY different from any previous JCP customer is adding in Jonathan Adler - Happy Chic. Happy? Yes: Refreshing modern pops of color. Chic? Yes! Totally on trend displaying patterns in Greek Key motifs and black & white stripes! I didn't see the "shops" totally set: they were being delivered and installed that night and the next, but I did catch a glimpse (and couldn't resist snapping a few pics!) of the set-sell planners they had in marked areas for the set. Along with Jonathan Adler, I also saw some of the new Martha Stewart making her way into window coverings and lighting plus a Pantone Shop featuring the color of the year: Emerald green...

NOTE: The "Martha" branding in JCP Home is NOT her signature turquoise she has on her other product ventures (ie: Office Max, Michael's Crafts, Home Depot, and Macy's)

Some other VERY cool lighting I spotted at the JCP Home Store... 

Window coverings has come a LONG LONG way since I worked at JCPenney... and thankfully my prayers (at the time I was there) were answered: They FINALLY stopped displaying so many heavy, dated, and over-done window treatments, and have gone to more openness in the department + displaying more colorlines of product: BRAVO! 

MEGA - CRUSH on these CRUSHED VELVET panels!! GORGE!!!

and LOVE the LUCITE finials!

Love the clips built into the rectangular rod or the rectangular rings option too!

This had to be probably the most interesting panels I've ever seen: METAL TAB TOP panels from STUDIO: The metal tabs are a part of the panel...

Other colorful  & fun finds...

The colorful Pantone Shop...

Watercolor dishes...

A great houndstooth 5'x8' rug on clearance...

And a fun & functional chevron set in the bath section they called "Zig-Zag"

I LOVE the trash can... even for an office! 

Speaking of trash... there has been quite a bit of "trash" talked about JCP in the news the past year during its transition. Personally, I shake my head at some of the changes I've seen occur. But it looks like they 'may' be getting back on track in the RETAIL industry. They have also done a MUCH NEEDED and long over-due revamp of their website - especially great now since being mobile is oh so important for retailers today. And I noticed a difference in response to the home store pics I tweeted: Martha's didn't get as many views as Jonathan did - Maybe that's because JCP has transitioned into attracting a different market - or maybe it's just because of some more negative press (with Macy's). I almost wish Nate Berkus would shift from Target to JCP - JCP looks like they would do a better job at executing and promoting his lines.

The main store changes will have to be another post (looking good too!). Spotted (and picked up!) a few great looks & deals there too... like polka dot knit leggings and floral print pants for Spring (at just $8!!)

Jonathan Adler - Happy Chic Shop inside JCP mainstore

Click to see the entire collection at:

Have you been to the JCP Home Store or main store lately?
What do you think of the changes? Do you like the new Jonathan Adler Collection? Would LOVE to share your thoughts with the hubs :)

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Wow, Lynda.. truly very, very cool! I had no idea and if I hadn't seen this post of yours- I probably never would have ventured into a JCP. I wonder if my local Houston store is set with these new lines yet? You've convinced me to go take a look this weekend!

    Thanks for this great post. LOVE the Martha lamps!


  2. I have always liked JCP, and have shopped there for years. I wish they would have turned the corner to a younger and hipper design world a long time ago. Unfortunately, our local JCP will be closing this was one of the store on the hit list. :( The closest JCP will then be an hour away...but it might be worth the drive to check out the new lines.


  3. Lynda,
    Thanks for sharing. I had no idea JCP was doing such exciting things. I will visiting a store ASAP,
    Leslie Wood



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