An important part of decorating a home for the holidays, or any season, is to include the scents for the season. One of my favorite stores to go to to shop for those scents is Bath & BodyWorks. I just love their scented candles! One of my all time faves is Eucalyptus Mint - it's a refreshing, crisp, clean scent - great for anytime of the year - I usually burn in the kitchen after a meal. With all the email subscriptions flooding in boxes at the holidays, I tend to to an inbox cleaning, however, one store I appreciate most sales & promos from is Bath & BodyWorks. One of my fave promos is the 2 for $22 3-wick candle promo, especially for Fall & Winter. Recently, I popped into my local Bath & BodyWorks shops to pick up some of those 3-wick scented candles, and I was also able to use other coupons they mailed, which gave me some incredible savings!

The scents I stocked up on were Winter, Winter Fig and Flannel. I was able to get the 2 for $22 PLUS get a third candle for FREE (with one coupon) and also picked up the 3 for $10 minis - for FREE - because I had the second coupon for $10 off my next purchase. Since two sets of these coupons were mailed, I was able to make two seperate purcahes to double my savings, and really stock up on winter scents.

Minis make good stocking stuffers or add-on gifts at the holidays too...

The candle labels peel off super easy - I re-stick on the bottom so I remember which scent is which after they're finished.

The only trouble is, some of these scents smell so wonderful, at peak times (like holiday) they could be out of stock. This happened with my fave scent - Eucalyptus Mint. But, since I'm familiar with the scents origin - the Bath & BodyWorks Stress relief line, I asked IF by chance the candle from this line was included in the free candle promo - and it was (never hurts to ask!) Even though it's not white but in a green glass, the Eucalyptus Mint still looks great with the other holiday greens I did in our kitchen for Christmas!

Besides the scents and the savings, I also put the candle lids to use: they make great bottoms in glass containers with a bump in the bottom - helps to leverage other candles in the holder.

I saved $51.50 plus got 3 large and 3 mini candles, all for the price of ONE 3-wick!

Considering one 3-wick candle retails for $20, the 2 for $22 plus a free candle is a fantastic deal... But Bath & BodyWorks did make the deal even sweeter - The next day, they had a one day "Deal Of the Day", with the 3-wick candles on sale for... $8! I'm still thrilled with my savings, and that I was able to get the scents I like, because at $8 each, I'm sure fave scents sold out quickly!

Along with Winter, the other minis I got were Fresh Balsam, and mini Flannel.
Winter & Balsam are great for the living room, while Flannel smells great at night in the bedroom.

Do you shop Bath & BodyWorks for scented candles? 
Which are some of your faves?

Follow Bath & BodyWorks on Twitter for special deal tweets too

Time to burn some scents of the season...
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