I can't seem to get Pharrell's song, "Happy" out of my head today - especially since it's International Happiness day AND the First Day of Spring! Pharrell Williams teamed up with the United Nations Foundation to celebrate #HAPPYDAY - commemorating the occasion with his 24 Hours of Happiness website. Pharrell is encouraging site visitors to submit their own #HAPPYDAY moments via YouTube and Instagram videos, and Pharrell will select his favorite submissions throughout the day -- to be placed on a "spotlight" at noon of every timezone! During this "Happy Day", Pharrell will also be encouraging fans to donate to the Central Emergency Response Fund. If you're still looking to get happy on this International Day of Happiness, just listen to Pharrell's 24-hour "Happy" music video

Happy Happy Day and Happy First Day of Spring!

Here in Arizona, we've been blessed with enjoying a very mild winter season, leading to what is starting out as a beautiful Spring season as well. The hubs has been enjoying his days off from work playing golf and I've been doing some DEEP Spring Cleaning around here (which actually makes me VERY happy!), plus doing a little more exploring around Phoenix - all a far cry from what family & friends back in the North East have been enduring this winter with the Polar Vortex. But if makes you feel any better, we'll experience your 'polar' opposite for Summer with a Vapor Vortex! lol Where ever you are, I hope you're enjoying this First Day of Spring, or seeing the light at the end of your polar vortex thing!

My Happy Dance :) What's yours?

 Thanks for stopping by!

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