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Just for a moment, I'm going to travel back in TV design time - Do you remember watching, learning and enjoying design programming such as Divine Design, Designing For the Sexes, Room by Room, Clean House or even Room Service? I sure do, especially since I would regularly watch these shows as I was working on school design projects while I was attending the Art Institute. I really enjoyed watching those shows and miss seeing them more regularly. The design tv programming back then was fun and educational, which today, surprisingly with all the channels available, are hard to come by. Flash forward to today and anytime when I "feel" like watching a design program, the only shows available are crashing something or hunting for something. Even a concept as simple as a white room design challenge barely ceases to exist anymore, or better yet, why not a REAL life design program, with real life challenges such as a budget? This is why I am so thrilled to have found The Design Network.

Give your hand a break from scrolling for design inspiration - to watching it on TDN!

Far more than just watching a design show happen on TV, The Design Network is engaging. Why? Because it is a true 'network' of people helping people with design dilemmas - be it professional designer, a design lifestyle expert, or a home enthusiast. The Design Network is the world's first video-sharing platform that gives architects, interior designers, stylists, stagers, home enthusiasts, and video professionals the opportunity to create and share entertaining, engaging, and inspirational content, with the focus on the home. I first learned about The Design Network just as it launched in April 2013, during the Design Bloggers Conference (read post here). Since its inception, The Design Network (aka TDN) has grown to host a variety of up-and-coming stars from the lifestyle, design, and furniture industries. Yes - there is video-based channel we all know called You-Tube, but searching You-Tube for good quality, home design video content, or even creating your own channel now is like casting a small bait out into a murky lake. With TDN, professionals are casting their lines out into a clear pond - and by clear, I mean design focused.

What are some of the highlights of The Design Network? 

Besides watching fun featured design programming series such as - The Quest For Home, Dramatic Designs, Glamour Goes South, My Pad, House Trip, Architainment (a local here in Scottsdale!!), and my personal fave: Space Off. TDN TV also has other series options to watch such as bloggers on video - Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage, and Mitzi Beach (a 50+ Design Expert!) BoomerSmarts Designing - along with market event tours, interviews, and even a new home entertaining series scheduled to launch as soon as next week, plus more programming coming up in the Fall. These series listed here are just a few of the many - and many more inspiring design shows to come to TDN TV!

For an updated version of a 'white room challenge' click here to WATCH: Space Off!
(featuring TDN founders, Jeff (left) and Jason (right) Harris!)

From Party Pads to Jet Setters, (right here in Phoenix!) click here to WATCH: Architainment

New Series - Starts next week!

If you are a design professional, or even in the home decor industry, you KNOW social media is a must in marketing today - which is the other huge advantage to joining TDN. Not only can you upload your own home design related video content to TDN, plus share this video content via your other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and yes - even Pinterest - but you can LINK a URL to anything you would like to feature within your video. After my 25 year experience in working in the retail industry (visual merchandising) this can be a HUGE game changer for brick and mortar + online retailers! Some of the brands already taking advantage of this marketing opportunity are Baker, Huntington House, Century, Surya, and Four Hands to name just a few.

Create your own channel of of videos AND even your video series favorites + images, with just a click of the heart button on the TDN site. And don't forget to SHARE your video favorites on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Video sharing is yet another means of design inspiration for us all!

Think about it: If you're a shop owner, now you have a platform to share helpful design videos to the consumers PLUS link the product in your video for them to buy. If you're a designer and book author, you can add the url link to your book or to your portfolio. If you are a home stager or a blogger, you can add a clickable link within your video, for people to visit your website or blog. How cool is that? In all, creating video content to share on TDN TV allows you to further expand your social reach, drive traffic to your site, increase your SEO optimization and give life to not online static images, but to your online presence as well.

How do you join The Design Network?

You can join TDN for free by setting up a simple profile on their site at You can also subscribe to your favorite design network channels, by following these 3 easy steps written by Leslie Carothers on - How To Subscribe. Coming soon: TDN TV will also point you in the direction of best practices for creating video content on your own and even connect with film producers to help you create your best professional video for your channel.

Is The Design Network only available online?

At first, you could only watch online - but that too has changed and is growing. When Furnitureland South executives Jason and Jeff Harris saw the growth of their online design network within the first year - a million page views and approximately 10,000 subscribers since its launch in April 2013 - they knew they were onto something big. As a result, the network now has its own channel on Time Warner Cable, channel 69 (in the Piedmont). Who knows what the future holds - maybe we could see the Nate Berkus Show again - How cool would that be? In the meantime, you can read more about The Design Network, a broadband television network, teaming up with Time Warner Cable at High Point Enterprise,

“What I’m seeing on television has no correlation to the amazing home decor industry that I’ve grown up in and have been exposed to all my life,” said Jason Harris, founder of The Design Network and executive vice president of Furnitureland South. “For the past year, we have connected with the great brands, authentic design experts and creative filmmakers to produce a new brand of interactive video entertainment in the home decor genre.” --

What is The Design Network? Watch the above video clip to learn more - and also visit the site at

How's that for the future app-based TV?
Welcome to The Design Network - for today and the future.
Watch. Join. Share. Connect with Home.

Connect With the Design Network via:

I'm sure they would love to hear feedback from you, since this is the way they truly are engaged - they listen!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you on The Design Network!
You KNOW I'll be pinning some of my favorite design shows for sure! 
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 NOTE: The post was sponsored by the Design Network - All images courtesy of The Design Network. All opinions in this post are authentic and of my own.


  1. Glad to read this. I stopped watching because my old favorites went away. And I hated the new crap they were putting on instead. This sounds exciting!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to The Design Network! Can't believe I had never heard of it before this.

  3. I have to thank you for your previous mention of TDN -- I had never heard of it. I got all set up so I can watch. You are right about the dearth of anything decent covering design on TV now.


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