Catching Up & Pin Party Tonight!

Well hello there dear blog readers and subscribers! How the heck are ya?? Yes - the tone of this post is quite a bit different from posts I've done before. But rather than look for the right time and verbiage to pull together just the right post to segway from posting a while ago to what's been happening lately - I figured I'd just dive right in... Last week, I not only attended my second Las Vegas Market Week, but I also attended my first Design Camp. And I want to share all of my experiences with you - from the home decor trends I saw (for both designers and retailers - which do differ), to so many wonderful & gifted speakers, to the beautiful & talented people I was grateful to meet in real life - but first, I need to share a treat I'm excited to have been invited to, which will be happening this evening: The FIRST global Pin Party for HomeGoods! The Pin Party will be happening TONIGHT - August 7 - from 8pm to 9pm EST (which will be 5pm to 6pm here out west!!) Join the party - follow the pin board at:

 Follow @HomeGoods LIVE tonight from 8-9PM EST to join the pin party! Get inspired by #DIY ideas, #entertaining tips, and #organizing tricks! Three of our expert bloggers will be joining in on the fun, @Lynda | Focal Point Styling, @Dear Lillie , and @DIY Playbook!

HomeGoods asked three of their Happy by Design board pinners to host this evenings pin-party, which has had a few changes happen along the way - but that's to be expected when you're trying to launch something new and for the first time. I'm thrilled to be a part of the trio, including bloggers Dear Lillie and The DIY Playbook.

Since I came back from market week and camp, I've been trying to catch up - with what is happening online, in design, and locally - along with spending time with the hubs, who will be heading into spinal surgery next week - and keep up tabs with my mom (who is back in Florida) who has had a few injuries lately she is dealing with - and quite frankly it flat out sucks being located so far away because I want to be there to help her, but I can't. Not to mention, yesterday was my birthday, but I don't think I fully enjoyed it because too many things weighing on my mind (and not enough coffee!! lol)... 

Grateful for it all but still need MORE coffee!!

Something else I can't do is split myself into five people. I'm the type of person who gets focused and gives my ALL to someone when I make a commitment to them - and sometimes, I'll spread myself too thin. You know what I mean - saying yes to many people when you need to say (graciously) no thank you because you're getting pulled off your own course... Something's gotta give, and it may sometimes also be disappointing people along the way but, you have to do what is right for "YOU" - or find a different approach to still help and collaborate (even if it's at the back end).

One of the discussions a group of us had last week at Design Camp was working on our own vs. working in the corporate world. While most in the group preferred working on their own, I was the one in the group that prefers working corporate. When asked why, I responded, "... Because of exactly what is happening right now - overwhelmed. In corp - you have teams of people to delegate tasks to (equaling multitasking) to get shit done. VS when you're on your own, you have choices to make as to where your time & energy shift to - and they aren't always the right choice. For example, something you 'thought' you could knock out in a day or less turns out to be ongoing, draining and eating into time to spend towards other projects / commitments (and then feeling bad because you're letting down other people) - or worse: causes stress from being rushed, which leads to mistakes." I'm NOT saying that corp world is perfect by any means, but personally, I feel I work better in that environment. And on that note... I must skedaddle off to another task before I drop another ball...

 Life should be this easy!

I will be posting more in depth coverage plus recaps of Las Vegas Market Week and Design Camp shortly - just bear with me as I pull it together, plus I'll be sharing some local happenings + a small space decor tips post I staged (realistically speaking for first apartments!!) along the way...

I did manage to get thank you's written and mailed - plus pack & ship two gifts out! Yay!

In the meantime, remember to join me at the HomeGoods PinParty, Thursday - August 7! And visit me on my social connections, where it's sometimes easier and quicker to share what's new!!


and now thanks to Design Camp - Instagram!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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