Things To Do When You Have A (Summer) Cold

Probably one of the most frustrating situations to be in during the summer, other the sitting in traffic, has to be catching a summer cold. The sun is out, days are longer, and while you may want to enjoy every waking moment outdoors, your system shuts down, and you want nothing more than a soft pillow and sleep. But after a while, at least for me, that can get a little boring. Here are some things I've come up with (and done!) while enduring a summer cold (I caught after a productive weekend of cleaning out & organizing the garage) ...

1. Rest - catching a cold, bronchitis or strep throat is a way of your body alarming you to stop & pay attention to it. Feeling fatigued, one of the best ways to recoup is with rest - meaning stop and do nothing.

2. Hydrate - being sick can cause fevers, and the body will sweat to try to cool itself down. Sweating means you are losing liquids. Be sure to replenish the liquid loss drinking plenty of fluids such as water and electrolyte filled Gatorade. Stay away from milk or orange juice as these can irritate a sore throat and cough. En lieu of coffee, opt for tea, sweetened with honey - for solid foods, eat good ole chicken soup.

3. Set up camp - have the things you need to help you feel better corralled near you - if in bed on the nightstand, if on the sofa, on the coffee table. Some things you may need are: tissues, small trash can, cough drops, medicine, your phone, water, Gatorade, and tea. 

4. Clean & disinfect - wash your hands - often. And when the worst of your cold has passed, usually after the first 2-3 days, it's good to wash the sheets, along with wipe down surfaces you have touched, especially: your phone, laptop keyboard, door handles, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, stair railings. Doing this can help the spread of germs, especially when you live with other people (or pets!)

5. What to do in quiet time - resting can get boring for some. You may want to be productive, but still get easily fatigued. Some enjoyable things to do while still getting rest can be:

a. Binge on your favorite shows (for example Law & Order or Will & Grace), watch documentaries (if you're a lover of fashion, 2 recommendations would be: Dior and I (on demand), and In Vogue: The Editor's Eye (hbo), watch your favorite chick-flicks (Devil Wears Prada, The Women, Hanging Up).

b. Research places to explore in your own state - get to know the area around you, or even better, plan a fall road trip - for example to a historic place or winery / vineyard.

And after a week of rest, you may want to try to:

c. Do some light exercise such as stretching, and get some natural vitamin D having a sit in the sun (mid-morning or late after-noon), maybe with a favorite magazine. Afterwards, go back and rest.

d. If you're feeling up to it, try a light project - comb through your "Want To Try" board from Pinterest, and test out a project, or do that thing you've been meaning to get to - such as polish silverware or remove annoying spots from stainless steal with warm water + baking soda (it actually works!) Again, afterwards, go back and rest.

e. Organize a tiny space: the kitchen junk drawer (purge expired coupons!), bathroom cabinet (purge old cosmetics!), medicine cabinet (purge expired medicines!) You can feel better having gotten a jump start on being getting more organized.

If you're feeling a little more ambitious (and better from a cold, but a cough is still lingering), try tackling a small closet purge - but - break it down into small phases: clothing, shoes, accessories. When you're feeling better, you can take what you've pulled out of your wardrobe to drop off at a donation center, sell at a consignment shop, or (later) organize a garage sale. You will feel better having gotten a jump start to getting yourself organized for the next season.


I'm not the type of person who runs to the doctor for every ailment, sniffle, or ache. I try to take care of myself, but after two weeks of liquids, medicine, antibiotics, and rest, the cold is gone, however  the cough is still here - so I am going to need to visit a doctor. Having recently moved to this area, the challenge now is finding a trustworthy physician, nearby, in a clean and relatively new facility and be done with being sick for once and for all... and next time I clean out the garage, I'm wearing a mask!!

Some 'colds' can actually be a little more serious, such as the flu, bronchitis, or strep throat and therefore may need more medical attention. 

Thanks for stopping by - Hope you are enjoying your summer - in good health!

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  1. Hope you are all well very soon! There are some weird bugs out there now, and they usually require some kick-ass meds so you don't wind up with some really awful consequence. Take care.



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