Sunday night was the highlight of Red Carpet season - filled with elegant  - and a few not so graceful - gowns, jewels, handbags and hairstyles, sure to influence the upcoming prom season. While jewel tones in emerald and sapphire are still a popular color selection - and seem to be replacing the blush & nude tones of Red carpets past - fiery reds were also a hot color choice, along with Spring's pastels, bridal-like whites, and classic black... 

 Emerald and Sapphire jewel-tones...

 Deep violet...

 Fiery reds!

 My three Top Picks for best Dressed... 

Olivia Munn in a stunning tangerine Stella McCartney asymmetrical column gown, with the perfect simple accessories from Forevermark diamonds - plus hair & make-up just right! 

Lady Gaga made a meatless Red Carpet fashion statement in a full length skirted trouser-dress that was edgy, architectural and sophisticated - followed by a powerful and riveting performance of "Til' It Happens to You."

And the "one to watch" - rising star on the screen and on the Red Carpet: Best Actress Academy Award Winner - Brie Larson looked gorgeous in Gucci.

 Edgy & Gothic, Romantic Florals, and bridal white...

 Floral Appliques adorned pastel gowns - For some, a fashion fave, but IMO - a miss... May be pretty for pillows in a room, but I really didn't care for these on the Red Carpet (especially Heidi) ...

 Timeless and classic - B L A C K ...A winner most every time! 

Speaking of winners...

FINALLY!! Leo wins an Oscar!!
and the second winning highlight of the night had to be the Titanic Reunion of Leo and Kate...

Then and now still rocking the Red Carpet (and the hearts of many viewers!)

Sexy in Black made a MAJOR statement during the Vanity Fair Oscar's After Party....

 And speaking of parties...

 Space cleared on the coffee table for guests & apps! A few gold stars on the tables simply set the tone without going overboard (plus made for easy clean-up and can easily be recycled in a pinch for another celebratory event).

Not all buffets tables are rectangular: A round pedestal table can work too!
Served up grilled burger sliders, chicken salad croissant sandwiches, mini capri bites, veggies with ranch & hummus, warm spinach dip with chips & Triscuits, assorted cheeses with turkey sausage & grapes - red, white, rose and even Proseco (although guests opted for Vodka! :) )

 I made some personalized snack bags of popcorn (from white luminary bags!) and my friend Kevin made champagne cupcakes!

I've always enjoyed watching the Red Carpet arrivals, hearing who wore what, along with taking note of trends, and last night I got to share my passion with friends hosting a small Oscar Party! A guest had asked if they could bring something, maybe a dessert, so I suggested trying a Champagne Cupcake I came across on Pinterest, and it was not only delicious - but I couldn't help but place it as the centerpiece of our appetizers buffet table. It was great having friends over...

Did you watch the Oscars? 
What were some of your favorite color statements or style stories??

Looking forward for Spring!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lynda, what a great recap post and fun ideas! My opinion was that there was too much body shown, Olivia Wilde's Valentino was stunning but didn't need the plunging neckline in addition to open back. I loved Jennifer Garner's Versace, just gorgeous and Alicia Vikander's yellow Louis Vuitton was a dream. Old glamor, some femininity left to the imagination. I also think Lady Gaga needs a hair intervention, but loved her song and passion. Ok, my claws have retreated :)

  2. Love the round buffet table saving this.

  3. Love the gold star idea and champagne cupcakes...I will be using that next year!!


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