Spring Bunnies, Rabbits & Hares in the Garden

The Easter bunny may have come and gone, but a classic garden icon can still be found this Spring - bunnies in the garden - whether a real rabbit, a stone sculpture hare, or as an animal topiary. Stone bunnies, (rabbits / hares) were first noted originating in the stories of Pompeii (read from exert in The Natural History of Pompeii) , so it's only fitting to see these stone sculptures strategically placed in a springtime garden. The art of creating topiaries has also lead to rabbits being sculpted from boxwood hedges for example in a garden, or from grass turf on an armature. Even the Channel Gardens at New York City's Rockefeller Center display one of the city's best Spring gardens, with a 12-foot-tall topiary of an Easter bunny made with ivy and moss, which is on display now through April 19. Both real and faux sculptures and topiaries can be purchased online or in home decor stores to add a little whimsy to your own garden this spring...

This regal rabbit was featured at Traditional Home - Garden Retreats

Cast-iron bunnies in Marjolein Bastin's garden at marjoleinbastin.com

 Proud Hare Garden Statue - Wind & Weather

British Artist Stanley DOVE - Pied Piper Hare

 12 Bunnies - Bronze sculptures by artist Yabuuchi Satoshi

Adorable - Rabbit Watch by Canis Major, via Flickr Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens- perfect for this Tudor style home...

These terra-cotta-bunnies were available at gardeners.com, but I'm sure you can find something similar at a local nursery, garden center, or home decor shop - try also consignment shops.  

Great Hare by Mary Catherine Newcomb - an 8-foot long grassy sculpture, using turf over armature.

 Topiary animals, like this rabbit, can be grown on a topiary frame...

 Here's a link for How To Make Animal Topiaries

Besides these bunny topiaries being created for your garden, faux ones can be used too, indoors, for a Spring entry vignette - or for next year's Easter table...

 And now for the pièce de résistance for bunnies in the garden... The Easter Bunny Topiaries - Channel Gardens - Rockefeller Center - New York City... See these and more pics by following their hashtag in social media #ROCKCENTER - Plus also view this slide show at nbc.com

And as for real bunnies in your Spring Garden, here are some tips on How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden, including a list of Rabbit-Resistant Plants...

Happy Spring Gardening!

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  1. Catching up on my reading and I love the stone rabbit photos some of those are beautiful for a garden. Hope your Easter was a great one in your new place.

    1. Easter was restful - Hope yours was too. Thanks Monica!!

  2. Oh I am rabid for these rabbits. So many projects.............so little space....and patience....................



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