Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

Although we have one special day to celebrate Earth Day, we can still celebrate everyday by being the change we want to see in the world. I've seen it posted several times, people are tired of the extended winter temps into Spring. It's as if Mother Nature has lost her calendar of events. By now, we've all changed our light bulbs (I hope!!) but saving the planet goes a little deeper. Here are 12 ways to continue to celebrate Earth Day everyday and help save our planet - Every little bit helps.

How to make twinkling lanterns out of ordinary tin cans: http://bit.ly/ZDYtvW

12 Ways to Help Save Our Planet

#1 Support your local farmers - Shop local Farmers markets for seasonal fruits, veggies and even preserves, jams, baked goods and sauces.

#2 Buy food in bulk or only buy what you need. For excess or to avoid spoiled foods, freeze them for another time (fruit is especially great to do this with and make smoothies - freeze meets, take out in AM to grill that night)

#3 Donate clothing, furniture, decor, and even excess craft, party goods or wrapping paper to your local thrift shop - and better goods can be taken to a consignment shop: the extra cash to go towards a style update.

Teach Kids to help save the planet.
Erek Hansen collected 14,000 items of denim and over 7,000 pairs of shoes to be repurposed into new items! 9 inspiring kids who are saving the world: http://su.pr/21aoT8

#4 Repurpose existing items in new ways: cut off an old pair of jeans for new summer shorts. Reuse cut denim pieces for pillows or placemats.

#5 Salvage what you already have - a little elbow grease, TLC and paint can go a long way.

#6 Support your local Historic Preservation organization - whether by volunteering to help at an event, or help spread the word of their cause through your social media connections, friends, and family. Here in Arizona, check out:

#7 Throw trash in the proper receptacle - NOT out your car window or leave behind piles of garbage in a mall parking lot because you decided to clean out your car. Also: Be conscious of your surroundings: When you do see trash, pick it up and put it in the receptacle. 

How cool is this?
Dumpster Gardens: Moveable Forests Sprout Inside Trash Receptacles http://su.pr/2zwgVJ

#8. Beside cans, bottles and newspapers, recycle paper towel tubes, food boxes (like from Granola bars, cereal, Magic Erase), glass from scented candles (great to actually repurpose!) and yogurt cups.

#9 Save energy: natural light is beautiful, but in the summer, filter the heat with window panels + sheers, shades or blinds. Turn off ceiling fans in unoccupied rooms. When brushing your teeth, turn the water off. When going out for errands: make a list & map your route to save gas.

#10 Water plants at night. Keep track of plants and veggies with guides, notes, calendars and plant sticks.

DIY Garden Sticks :)

#11 Use resuable shopping bags when thrifting, shopping or doing groceries. If you do have extra plastic bags, Walmart has a bag recycling bin to bring them to.

 #12 Recycle paint by either mixing old colors together to make a new color (great for furniture or an accent wall!) or donate excess paint to Habitat for Humanity, a church, or even a school. Recently, I learned about a company whi IS recycling paint to new colors and reselling it. They are called AMAZON PAINTS. Learn more at AmazonPaint.com

Sure, there are other ways to "Go Green" - for example Xeriscaping in dry climates, rain catchers in the tropics, and creating a compost, but these can be more complicated for some lifestyles. The 10 above are things we can ALL do no matter our lifestyle. Jeff and I do all the above daily. Learn more ways to think, live, be and design green at InHabitat.com.

What are some things you do to be Green and celebrate Earth Day everyday?

Thanks for stopping by!

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