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Color Photos I shot in Chicago

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With everyone's mind so FOCUSED on the economy, budgets, and unemployment, does it mean beauty needs to be shoved aside? Not necessarily: you just need to (RE)Think.

"Out with the old and in with the new. It seems this tried and true statement is no longer what people are living by. Here, at such a pivotal crossroads in history, people are deciding what is most important to them, choosing what they want in their surroundings and for the most part, making significant changes."  Dara D'Onofrio - ViVe Magazine, West Palm Beach, FL


With that said, maybe it's recycling, or maybe it's up-cycling, but some beautiful finds can be found right in your own home or at your local thrift store. Over the years, I've found some terrific deals at The Jewish Recycling Center, The Salvation Army, and Goodwill. However, they aren't always in "perfect" condition. Sometimes a little sanding, staining, painting or touch up paint is all that is needed to make a diamond in the rough, sparkle.  

Usually when I've gone thrifting, I've been "hunting" for something (storage, tables, lamps, books, and even clothing). I've kept an open mind on every trip and have been able to economically furnish our home.


This buffet was only ONE of many of the fabulous finds I was able to restore for our home. For only $30, this sturdy wood piece has given me LOADS of storage for table linens (in drawers) and one place for me to maintain all GLASS decorative objects. (TIP:Keeping decor items categorized helps when you're going to (RE)Room a space)

 Halloween with skulls & gauze runner

I've been able to  change the look and lighting of the space by rearranging what is displayed on top. Sometimes it's form: for example with holiday decor or in spring with flowers. Sometimes it's more functional. I've added lamps during daylight savings time, and it's also been used to serve Thanksgiving "buffet" style.

Summertime with a simple fresh cut green and over the door mirror

First Thanksgiving in our new home - Buffet prep

Although it was purchased separately from our dining room table and chairs, the lines are simple enough to coordinate within the space. I have it placed adjacent to our front door, so I've tried to maintain what is displayed to flow into the Living Room area. (TIP: The pops of color from room to room is what gives a space flow.)

 Cash Cab pops of yellow in orchids.

Add & Subtract Summer flow from front door

Add & Subtract Summer from stairs

Surprisingly, when I found this piece, I had no idea of all its versatility until it "lived" in the space. It's also provided a FOCAL POINT in our Dining Room, the bottom of the stairs, and our front door entrance.

White Christmas Dining Space

So if you're thinking you'd like to update the look of your home, or you're in need of a storage piece this holiday: rethink, reuse, recycle AND upcycle.... you'll be glad you did. 


A few years ago, a new line of home dinnerware & decorative products was introduced at the store I use to work for. The line was very contemporary & sophisticated: I wanted EVERY piece of it! The line was by Colin Cowie. It was the first time I was introduced to his style and I liked it. Eventhough we had eventually dropped the line, I still had become a follower of his chic style.

Once again, Colin takes the lead in style. Sophistication in his simplicity is what is incredibly captivating for the environment he creates.

I won't be hosting Thanksgiving this year; but that hasn't stopped me from looking for inspiration. I looked up Colin Cowie to see what newness he brought to the table... and fell in LOVE with his Modern Thanksgiving. (which could also be interpreted into something wintery for the upcoming Holiday season.)

I hope you are inspired as much as I am!


"Don't Be a Platter-Puss" captioned the homepage of one of my fav online shops to get unique dishes: FISH EDDY's. I had come across them several years ago while "hunting-and-gathering" for EVERYTHING New York. I haven't been on the site for a while, and noticed they have some new additions. With the holidays looming around the corner, these could be unique conversation starters at your next gathering and a FOCAL POINT on your tablescape...

Fuggedaboutit! The Brooklyn pattern is so awesome; even Uncle Vinnie will
change the dinner conversation from parole to plates!

Prime New York real estate at affordable prices!
The skyline that everyone knows and loves on our classic restaurant dinnerware.
Every meal is a night on the town!

Whether it's a penthouse, a three bedroom, or a studio...
why rent when you can own?
The best thing about this pattern; no board approval needed!

Maybe it's an office or work related gathering...
these just might fit the bill as appetizer plates or parting gifts for your guests...

Pick up the tab or pick up your messages on these trays
that are great for everything from your wallet to keys!

And for those of you who are
"hooked on memos or lists"...
there's one for you too:

All of the above also have coordinating items
such as umbrellas and totebags...
I think I'm going to invest in the floorplan collection...
and personalize it with FOCAL POINT.

And for you NY'ers.... they are located at

889 Broadway at 19th Street
New York, NY 10003
Toll free: 877.347.4733
Phone: 212.420.9020

When you go to their site,
don't forget to checkout the story of their history (how they got their name.)

London Calling feature from Metropolitan Home

Photo by David Garcia as featured in Metropolitan Home

Home Decorating: Met Home of the Month for December 2009

Although I too am saddened by the departure of yet another fabulous design publication (Metropolitan Home), I was excited to see a feature done on another one of my inspirational designer icons: Kelly Hoppen. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this talented designer. She has been a SERIOUS influence and inspiration to how I have executed our homes style. Part of the influence is the "order" she gives to a home with its beautiful displays and coordinating flow. After working as a Visual Merchandising Coordinator/Director in Retail as long as I have (26 years) it was always a joy to come "home" to simple order.
(LEFT) Kelly Hoppen Home: From Concept To Reality
NYCLQ's Home posted as Cash Cab on HGTV's Rate My Space(RIGHT)

One of the many installations I'm most proud of of our home, was a post I had made on HGTV's Rate My Space: Cash Cab and Cash Cab Remix. Although the original inspiration came from a photo my husband had taken in NYC, I did "gather" inspiration from books and magazines. One of which was Kelly Hoppen HOME: from Concept To Reality.

As Designer Angelo Surmelis commented in a recent interview, "Don't just copy what you've seen. Reinvent it for YOU and your life." Being inspired by Kelly's color combination, I had also seen a use for the curtain of rings I had found while at work: the rings became a graphic focal point behind the sofa in our living space.

Through reading just some of her many books (Kelly Hoppen STYLE, Kelly Hoppen HOME: From Concept To Reality, In Touch With Kelly Hoppen) I've learned about color, texture, scale, and repetition. Some of here repeating elements are concepts I've also used while creating some impactful visual merchandising statements with clarity.

And that is, after all, what creating a FOCAL POINT is all about?
What do you see when you open the door?

THE MODERN HOME by Ralph Lauren

Where other designers design objects, like clothing...

Ralph Lauren has designed LIFESTYLES for how we live or

how we aspire TO live.. He is truly an ICON of STYLE, as well as one of

MY style inspirations...

Creating a Focal Point In Your Stairway

Image above found on Patricia Gray's blog

What do you see when you go up and down a staircase?
Are you too focused on getting to your destination?
Are you carrying on a chore?
Wouldn't you enjoy being taken away for a moment
by having something enjoyable to look at?

Stairs are yet another place, a blank pallet, we have to express our self.
Stairs are a great place to display our favorite destination photos, wedding photos, family photos, or that interesting art collection that needs
a special space to be displayed.
Stairs are another means of creating a focal point...

Not all art needs to be clustered or even flow the line of the stairs.
We have a staircase with a landing. Since this wall is visible from both up and downstairs, I chose a different means of displaying photos: LEDGE SHELVES.
By utilizing shelves and leaning the photos, it gives more versatility in what is being displayed. These shelves (above) I found on, and were easy to install (thanks to my dear husband!!). They are only 4 1/4" wide, so they do not interfere with passing through. They are also "just" wide enough to incorporate a seasonal touch or two...

Hopefully, this weekend,
we'll be hanging a beautiful capiz chandelier
I also had found at
because this dress (the stairway) is missing its earrings (light fixture)!!


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Quotable Tablescape

I've always had an appreciation for inspirational and motivational quotes. While skimming through the web, I came across some thoughtful ways to personalize tablescapes for Thanksgiving (or any holiday) by incorporating some favorite quotes, words, or verses. Pictured below are just concepts, and very easily can be personalized to your own,
to create a beautiful FOCAL POINT on your next tablescape:

(above) found on
Printed ribbon as napkin ties. Guest names hand written onto leaves.

(above) found at CountryLiving - Gridley & Graves
Stamp quotes onto cocktail napkins.

(above) found on Shabby Chic Cottage
Paper wraps for pillar candles
(Consider: length of time burning and your event)

(above) is a great concept (and personal fav!!),
but for Thanksgiving, use acorns as filler as shown below:

Although I'm very much into "change", when you find something that does work, stay with it as a tradition, but always look for ways to make it better. Above is a tablescape I set for Thanksgiving in 2007. I had found enough grapevine pumpkins at a craft store and printed some simple tags for place cards. To further enhance this setting, I would utilize the glass candle verbiage, as well as replace the pumpkins with the printed napkin ties and handwritten leaf.

Our Favorite Fall Decorations From Rate My Space featured on HGTV

HGTV featured a table setting I had created for Thanksgiving, and I had posted on their Rate My Space site. The focus was on its simplicity. It's easy to create: Use and repeat only 2 colors and one element: nature. The nature feature here was using acorns as the filler in simple glass cylinder candle holders. Grapevine pumpkins added festiveness and an identified place setting. The repeating bi-colors were brown and white. The acorns and pumpkins added texture, tied back to the brown and popped the white.
Simple color pallet for a Thanksgiving Table Setting

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