This week, I popped into my local Pier One Imports store to scout & source some finds for an upcoming restyle project. The home is a former model home for a local Arizona home builder, with very strong Tuscan style elements. Although the homeowner would love to eventually restyle the entry living room with a Restoration Hardware look, she's looking for a quick refresh for an upcoming event being held in her home. Since we only have a short time to shop & install, local shopping for finds is a must (zero lead time). She is however looking to let go of some of her existing decor pieces en-lieu of a fresh approach to expected Arizona style Tuscan decor, but still maintaining existing red & gold custom window panels she's already invested in. Since the panels are a Cabernet-red shade, I thought Pier One may have a few finds for a quick refresh - especially since the store was just set for Fall. A find in particular I showed to the homeowner during the consultation she's already taking a liking to: A pair of quatrefoil - lattice print wing-back chairs in taupe & gold - which can also easily be shifted to the home office later. Some other faves are gold beaded pillows, tortoise glass lamp for the living room, and a great pair brass nail-head lamps for the family room. The tufted ottoman/foot stools were a fun find - especially for a family game room update she's wanting in the future.  Here are some pieces that can affordably work with the distinctive Tuscan, or even in Miami Spanish home architecture / style. The Pier One store itself looked great with refreshing jewel tones for Fall and easy to shop isles & allies plus attentive and helpful customer service...

Fun tufted footstools!

Great looking piece to add to a Euro-Traditional style home... Gorgeous with sand, stones, and candles... or for holiday with Christmas Balls.... or something fun in Summer: water and goldfish!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the High Low mixing for this upcoming ReStyle...

Existing Custom Window draperies (from By The Yard - Tempe AZ), paired with fab finds at Pier 1 - to make an easy and affordable living room update - for an event plus the upcoming holidays. The studded lamps and colors of the quatrefoil patterned chair at Pier 1 pair beautifully with the homeowners existing stunning tile inlays at the entry and transitioning into the dining area...

 Have you been to Pier 1 lately?

I had also sourced a great chair I spotted at Pier 1 earlier this year for the Counselor Office Makeover I did - which the client also LOVED her chair too. And now Pier 1 also offers other color or pattern options to customize your chair.

For the office makeover, I had purchased the Liliana Chair in teal - Now I'd love to get the black for another restyle (or myself!!) If you haven't been in in a while, make of note of it to visit you nearest Pier 1 Imports -- They've come a LONG WAY since merchandising baskets on lundia shelves and stacking foam-camel-back-sofas and papsans!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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