During the holiday season last November, I lucked out and scored these great French Flower Market Buckets while thrifting. During Christmas, I left them in their natural galvanized finished. For Spring, I painted them two-toned black & white, a better contrast for our front entryway. Last Spring, I had done this finish to the large urn I already have at the entry: painted the base black and just the top quarter white. Painting this treatment now to the galvanized containers created a more cohesive look. Rather than being all black, the white banded tops set a nice contrast for a crisp look that will work for both Spring & Summer. Since the flowers I've planted for our Spring Stoop the past two years here in Arizona have died (from the heat) within two weeks, I did less flowers and more green - still a fresh look for Spring and Summer...

Here's what I did...

Cleaned and pre-drilled holes in container bottoms...

I sprayed on a FLAT black from Rustoleum - and just rough brushed on the white to the tops, and inside tops too...

After the paint dried, I sanded off some of the patina from the handles to reveal a little copper glow...

I cleaned and refreshed the larger urns. During holiday, I had painted over the white with black - now they're back to their white tops...

  I found these French flower market buckets at Goodwill, during a Super Saturday Sale, so they were 50% off. A floral shop had closed and donated a TON of these containers to Goodwill. I bought four: two medium and two large. The two medium containers also still had the black plastic reservoir insert I was able to use (in reverse) inside the large container, as a riser for the plants...

While I painted the galvanized containers, I also refreshed a few existing containers with the same finish to use in the back yard (last year, I had used the pots on the right for my Spring Stoop...

I use rocks in the bottoms of the containers as weight, and I use them in the bottoms of the planter, before adding potting soil + plants. The rocks help with drainage. The white flowers are simple petunias I picked up at home Depot (my mother use to call me that - Petunia)They were a pretty reasonable deal during their Spring Black Friday Event: 5 pks of 8 for only $10. Since they're white, I'll be able to use them both in the back yard and front stoop for my Spring Spruce-Up...

 The containers helped to create a simple Spring stoop... Here's a peek:

 Happy Spring & Thrifting!

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  1. You need your own show!! Serious you are so talented!! Loved all of it and I have a large pail sitting in the attic I was about to toss to GW not now!!!

    1. Thanks Monica, and great to see you were inspired to refresh something you already have in a new way! :)

  2. I love when you do the before and afters I get so inspired please have a day especially for that I'm so pumped up.

  3. sorry, but the 2 tone painting on the galvanized metal french floral pails is way too crafty and artifical for my tastes. Why not age the newer metal with vinegar to give it a "bloom" patina instead......I vote for patina
    vs paint.

    1. Sorry you feel that way Annie - but my taste, although not crafty, isn't patina either - I prefer a more graphic aesthetic, which was why I painted these containers to begin with - and painted more pots this year too. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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