With Gratitude and Many Thanks!

Although life doesn't always turn out the way you had planned, you can't let those disappointments get the best of you. You also can't let the disappointments blind you from the good that does happen in, let's say, your career life. Case in point, recently I've hit a few milestones in building my social media presence (such as acquired 2000 likes on my Facebook page and 5000 followers on Twitter!) along with being featured by a few other bloggers - from home styling to Pinterest features - plus being invited to be a blog ambassador for up and coming new Design Network and hired to create graphics for two website redesigns! I never would have guessed when I left the brick-and-mortar world of visual merchandising in retail (almost four years ago now!), that those experiences plus my design style eye would lead to a whole different world of opportunities ... and for that, I am humbled, honored and grateful...

Many Thank You's to...

 I am grateful to be selected and listed on Designer Carla Aston's Directory of "Must Follow Interior Design Pinners On Pinterest" !!! Check it out! There may be some NEW to YOU pinners to follow as well. Thank you Carla! I'm truly honored!

 FLOORED! Thank you FlooringHunt.com for featuring me as one of your Top 12 Decorators and Designers to follow on Pinterest! In some great company along with Emily Henderson, Holly Becker, and Paloma Contreras to name a few! -- See ALL here: 12 Decorators and Designers to follow on Pinterest! 
-- and Join me on Pinterest here: Lynda | Focal Point Styling

 Ralph Lauren Home - Joined Pinterest this June and is following me! Thank you! I'm honored!

  5000+ Followers on Twitter! Woot!! Thank you!

2000+ Likes on Facebook!

I was happy to be invited to participate in a Focus Group panel, and thrilled that it lead to being invited to become a Brand Ambassador for the Design Network! Look for my post coming up in July! You can start to watch + join + share by clicking: the Design Network.

 Thanks for featuring one of my coffee table styles in your post how to Style A Coffee Table at Beneath My Heart - during the "How to Decorate 5 Day Series" hosted by Beth Crabtree Hunter of Home Stories A to Z - You can read at How to Style A Coffee Table

Grateful to have been invited to be one of three Happy By Design pinners for HomeGoods to Host a Pinterest Party - coming up in August!

Thank you Lucky magazine for featuring my Jewelry Organizing With Teacups as part of your 75 Creative Ways To Organize Your Jewelry 

Thank you Mitzi & Leslie! Here is one of seven new graphics I created for the redesigned website of MitziBeach.com. Read and see more on her site!

Happy to be part of the Hadley Court Blog Team as a Content Contributor - Noted as Top 25 Home Design Blogs To Follow For 2014!

Especially thrilled to be attending the upcoming Design camp as a Guest of Lori & Kelli's - during Summer Market in Las Vegas, happening at the end of this month!

 Also grateful for a few other invites in the works -

Blog for HomeGoods and Fall HPMKT, as well as local invites to write for local magazine, East Valley Magazine plus may be doing a little special merchandise presentation locally at Sweet Salvage! So stay tuned and THANK YOU for keeping up with me and Focal Point Styling!

Always look at the bright side!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have always been amazing! I remember our first encounter on Rate My Space. The cab inspired makeover was so breath taking. Continue such gracious work!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Congratulations and well deserved! I too remember you posting your gorgeous work on Rate My Space and always giving it 5 stars. It's funny how life can take certain turns and I'm so happy it worked out so well for you after all this time.

  3. You deserve every break. You are one of the most talented people I have run across.

  4. Sorry you might get this twice!! Thank you Lynda for all that you do!! Congratulations!!

  5. Thank you so much for hosting another wonderful party!
    I hope you had a great weekend!
    Elegant DIY Wine Storage


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