London Calling feature from Metropolitan Home

Photo by David Garcia as featured in Metropolitan Home

Home Decorating: Met Home of the Month for December 2009

Although I too am saddened by the departure of yet another fabulous design publication (Metropolitan Home), I was excited to see a feature done on another one of my inspirational designer icons: Kelly Hoppen. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this talented designer. She has been a SERIOUS influence and inspiration to how I have executed our homes style. Part of the influence is the "order" she gives to a home with its beautiful displays and coordinating flow. After working as a Visual Merchandising Coordinator/Director in Retail as long as I have (26 years) it was always a joy to come "home" to simple order.
(LEFT) Kelly Hoppen Home: From Concept To Reality
NYCLQ's Home posted as Cash Cab on HGTV's Rate My Space(RIGHT)

One of the many installations I'm most proud of of our home, was a post I had made on HGTV's Rate My Space: Cash Cab and Cash Cab Remix. Although the original inspiration came from a photo my husband had taken in NYC, I did "gather" inspiration from books and magazines. One of which was Kelly Hoppen HOME: from Concept To Reality.

As Designer Angelo Surmelis commented in a recent interview, "Don't just copy what you've seen. Reinvent it for YOU and your life." Being inspired by Kelly's color combination, I had also seen a use for the curtain of rings I had found while at work: the rings became a graphic focal point behind the sofa in our living space.

Through reading just some of her many books (Kelly Hoppen STYLE, Kelly Hoppen HOME: From Concept To Reality, In Touch With Kelly Hoppen) I've learned about color, texture, scale, and repetition. Some of here repeating elements are concepts I've also used while creating some impactful visual merchandising statements with clarity.

And that is, after all, what creating a FOCAL POINT is all about?
What do you see when you open the door?

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