Before embarking on the next chapter of my life, I'm going through a purge-fest. I use to think, "If I haven't used it in 6 months to a year: pitch it."

Now, I've added, "If it doesn't add any VALUE to my life: PITCH IT.

It's amazing, how much "stuff" we hang on to,
even if we are pretty good about purging on a frequent basis...

Saturday morning, I'll be having a garage sale... it should do fairly well.
I just don't know if I should price point categories (all 84" window panels: $5 ea) or group home goods together by color... Maybe a combo of both (picture frames $2, $5, and $10)

I still feel I need to keep somewhat of a beginning decor inventory for home staging... whatever odds and ends I can sell, will go towards some storage pieces to re-arrange the home office.

Currently, our office has books, magazines, papers, puter, tv, some storage... but I think I'm going to take the tall bookcases, books and magazines downstairs, and convert our minimally used Dining Room into a Library.
It has EXCELLENT light, and is a highly unused space.

By doing this, the walls in the office can open up for organizing
Inspirations & Calenders for future appointments to be made...

I've enJOYed looking at the NYC photo gallery on the bookcases, but I've changed our homes' 3 same spaces around so much and neglected this space... it's not only time for change, it's time to get organized...

I think I finally got my 9/11 memorabilia down to three totes... and I'm contemplating whether or not to use Space Bags for all the newspapers... I'm putting my DH (dear husband) on music duty: ensure all cd's have been loaded to the ipod... and then off to sale they go...


  1. You've got the right attitude! Oh, how I wish I could come to your garage sale. I see a pic of the "store"....LOL

    Once you get your bearings, you will rock!! Just keep remembering to breathe.

  2. Thanks Jill!!! I'm trying... and that's all i can do now... it's better than not! :-)



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