Besides 'Her,' 'Breaking Bad,' and 'Gravity' taking home Golden Globe awards, the hot trending topic is also about the fashion - the trends, who wore what, who wore it best (and worst) along with which colors made a statement on the red carpet. I saw a return to minimalism: minimal make-up & jewelry, clean & plunging lines, hi-lo lengths, and sexy backs. Mixed into the minimalism was a touch of elegance, grace, and even a little lace. Probably my favorite hair style was the side part and side ponytails (I did a similar style for New Years Eve!) and if you know me, you know my favorite color is black, which there definitely was no shortage of a variety of black couture on the red carpet. I'm curious to see what E! will have to say tonite on the Fashion Police, but in the meantime, here are a few color stories, styles and trends of note from the Golden Globes 2014...

I know when my mom sees this one she's going to say 'That's so Lynda!!"
and she would be right - this was probably my favorite look of the night - 
Emma Roberts in Lanvin from InStyle 

 Sofia Vergara looked stunning in Zac Posen for her E! Red Carpet Arrival...

Lily Rabe also looked amazing for her Red Carpet Arrival with E!

Red Carpet Arrival Julianna Margulies translated the black & gold trend with elegance wearing a Andrew Gn dress and Van Cleef jewels...

 Cate Blanchett looked lovely in a black lace and tulle Armani Privé gown.
(and this had an amazing back also! see more at House of Fabulous)

The men rocked the red carpet as well - especially with their arm candy ladies...

 One of the most amazing black & white gowns at the Golden Globes -
Jenna Dewan wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress with Brian Atwood shoes, a Sam Lehr ring, and Irene Neuwirth earrings. GORGEOUS!

Other black & white dresses really made a "opposites attract" statement... 

Although the most photographed and most talked about black & white gown at the Globes has to have been Jennifer Lawrence in Dior...

One of three trends of note on the Red Carpet was the hi-lo hemline, which is a beautiful way to showoff pretty shoes... And I'm sure this will be a popular style for prom this season...

Another trend of note from the Golden Globes were the metallic dresses, especially 
  Kate Beckinsale's arrival on the Red Carpet for E! in Zuhair Murad. I especially love the reminiscent deco feel...

The third trend of note were the deep V - plunging necklines, especially on gowns in pale shades - white, champagne, and metallics...  

 Amy Adams looked stunning in this plunging halter gown in red from Valentino...
(Loved this shot from Harper's Bazaar!)

Other reds that rocked the carpet were Julie Delpy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Emma Watson, and Lupita Nyong'o...

I personally loved the sophisticated two-tone Carolina Herrera dress worn by Julie Bowen of modern Family - although I think America's Sweetheart - Taylor Swift caught a bit of attention wearing red lips and Carolina Herrera gown (not to mention - she got photo bombed by Jennifer Lawrence during her interview with E! Loved that moment - it showed even all dressed up, these ladies can be sophisticated - silly and real) 

 Did you watch the Golden Globes?
Which were some of your favorite gowns or moments? If you missed the Golden Globes, you can see all of the fashions and more plus details at InStyle and Just Jared.

 Be sure to also check out the "Pose-Off" happening over at E! 

 My guess is Lupita Nyong'o Lupita Nyong'o - in the red Ralph Lauren, Audrey Cape Evening Gown - may win best dressed.

 I wonder what the Academy Awards styles will bring...

 Thanks for stopping by! 



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