To continue the celebration of Earth Day, this weeks Photos for Friday features 'some' photos I shot yesterday while visiting Fairchild Tropical Gardens. This selection of photos is from just within one area of the gardens 83 acre lot - The Orchid House... also know as The Hot House. The Hot House is a structure specified to grow orchids with other tropical foliage - in the wicked Florida sun... and also features two beautiful glass art forms from Chihuly. A gorgeous Caribbean Blue wall created a GORGEOUS focal point and backdrop for these magnificent wonders to cultivate from... enJOY.

And if you are in town, you can not only visit the gardens,
but bring some of it back to your home...

EVENT 2010

EVENT 2011

Have a wonderful weekend...
and keep thinking GREEN.

All photos by Lynda Quintero-Davids


  1. Beautiful pics Lynda! Happy Friday!!

  2. Thx Jill! Puter giving me grief this. week... took more than 200 pics so will post in phases and smaller batches.

    Have a great weekend!
    :D. Lynda

  3. I love these pics, especially that colorful curly object. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


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