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With Fall just around the corner, two other events will be here before you know it: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Today I'm collaborating with two other bloggers to bring you The Big Three Before the Tree - Inspirations and ideas to inspire your Fall decor, Halloween parties and Thanksgiving tablescapes. I'll be linking up with Julie of Simply Savvy who will be focused on Fall Decor + Trends and Kate of Dabble in Chic who will be focused on Thanksgiving Tablescapes  + recipes. I will focus on: Halloween - Steampunk style (plus a few other inspirations towards the end!) So grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and get comfy...

First of all, just what is steampunk? Steampunk is more than an aesthetic tendency - It's the longing for the past that never was. From what I've read on Steampunk, it is a style taking place back in the Victorian Era and it also includes a merge of an industrial vibe as well. Other versions of Steampunk are also known as Victorian Fiction, Clockpunk and Dieselpunk. While researching the Steampunk style, I came across a very detailed & informative blog written by Gail Carriger. Gail does an excellent job of explaining the movement. You can learn more about Steampunk by going to The World of Steampunk: Goggles, Gaiters, and Glory. Gail even reviews what key pieces you need to thrift for this style - a great way to save money on your Halloween costume + still look fabulous!  What other time of year can you dress in costume and explore? Explore here...

Textiles for clothing were rich layers of glen plaids and pinstripes for the men while ruffles, full skirts, corsets and lace-up details could be found for women.  

With the tendency these days to shop for vintage finds and thrift, looking into Steampunk style can be a creative alternative to your Halloween inspiration for settings, parties, decor and costumes. Some of the pieces, you may already have in your collections. Steampunk style also includes gadgets and details such as vintage keys, spectacles, pocket watches, all types of timepieces, typewrites, and typewriter keys. Some of the gadgets and details can be easily found today at vintage markets (such as Sweet Salvage here in Phoenix). These gadgets can not only be incorporated into costumes and decor, the gadgets are also another alternative for decorating pumpkins with. No carving needed so this is a GREAT solution for warmer climates in October!

Keys + Studs + Hinge Hardware 

Since fashion + decor have strong links to one another, apparel textiles can translate into Halloween party decor for room settings ... especially this year with the Fall trend having a strong Menswear influence. Feminine details can come from the ruffles, lace trim, laced up boots and corsets...

(with Tootsie Roll Top Hats!)

Not everything all needs to be exact to the period and not everything for Halloween always needs to be only black. For example, if your home decor is the whites, creams, and greige color palette of French Country, think of ghosts (white), mummies (linen) bones (cream), and looks of a haunted house to mix Halloween into your existing decor. The nod back to vintage can come from old books, cloches, silver platters, trays and candelabras - most of which can be collected through thrifting or at vintage markets. Let the colors you live with be your guide...

Use what you have:
Roll old book pages into  into a cloche display + stack books 
with pages facing out for texture...

A Ghostly Color scheme and theme...
Textiles: Grey + Greige + Linen + Burlap + Gauze 

Bone treats of Pretzels & Marshmallows dipped in White Chocolate

Collect vintage silver trays through thrift,
Not only can they be used to serve treats at your Halloween party, 
they can be reused again during the holiday too...

Antique gold painted pumpkins mixed with flea market finds to create a vignette.

Steampunk style also can "bleed" (hee hee) into a more Gothic look,
 just by changing the color palette to black and red...


Have yourself a Halloween Spooktacular!

Alternatives to Steampunk style for Halloween can be other spooky theme inspirations such as period movies like Sherlock Holmes or Gangs of New York. Although they aren't horror movies, for their period style, you can have fun pulling together the costumes and it's easy to add a few haunting treasures plus thrift the look. Alfred Hitchcock movies like Dial M for Murder, Psycho, The Birds and Vertigo can also be alternate Halloween party themes, costume styles & home decor. Unless you are having a house party, sometimes just a small dose of Halloween decor is all you need to be in the "spirit" (hee hee). One of my fave vignettes I would do was on the buffet near our entry with my friend Skully (seen below). Jeff would have fun too, playing spooky music at the door when we gave out candy. Some DIY Halloween posts and decor I've done you can read at: (click links below images)



One of my favorite Halloween party decor sets I've seen was The Legend of Sleepy Hollow theme Eddie Ross had done for an HGTV block party special. This special was also the first time I came across Eddie Ross and now love his style! He's a strong believer of "making use of what you already have", plus incorporating thrift finds into his decor. LOVE the spooky theme and the look...

For more Halloween decor, costumes and recipe ideas 
plus more links to Steampunk style, 
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Hope you are inspired!
Thanks for stopping by to check out
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  1. I love Halloween. These Olioboards make me get excited that next month is Halloween. Time to start thinking about decorating for the holiday.

  2. You have educated me this morning! Steampunk was not something I knew...and it's a fantastic take and twist on Halloween sharing! The corset, the bone treats, and those fabulous design boards are so creative. I'm delighted to be sharing #Big3B4TheTree linkup with you. It's got me in the mood!
    Julie at Simply Savvy

  3. I LOVE this post! I'm a sucker for real vintage and spook through mystery and intrigue at Halloween versus gore. I see Sherlock Holmes and Gangs of New York in all of this! I love how you didn't go commercial with your ideas, and introduced everyone to something classic and (dark) magical!!
    Also, I love the comparison of style across mediums from decor, to fashion, to furniture! How awesome are the corseted chair and dress?! LOVE them!
    As always, I'm honored to be partnered up with you on anything, and this Focus On series has been a blast! Maybe we should keep it up?! You are an amazing inspiration and a fabulous influence! Xo

  4. So ready for the Fall and Halloween time. I had never heard of Steampunk and the photos and explanation helped me understand. I loved all your boards. -Monica

  5. Hi, I was looking for fall decor inspiration and found your blog love the collection! I did realize though that the silver platter photo is from my blog, can you add a back link to my site since it is an original photo that I took? I would appreciate it!

  6. Thats great!You shared a very interesting costume and cookies for Halloween.I'm impressed by there.

  7. I'm smitten with that steampunk pumpkin! Do you happen to have any seller information on it? I have two similar pumpkins that my sister picked up for me last year, and I've been unable to find more anywhere.



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