How was everyones weekend? I hope wherever you are, you were able to spend some time outside to welcome Springs first day! Saturday, I headed over to my local Home Depot Garden Center to pick up two ferns for our refreshed spring dining space. The place was jumping with activity! People were loading their carts and flatbeds with pretty perennials, amazing annuals and multiple bags of mulch. Since some of you may still be in cooler climates, I snapped a few shots to share and inspire you...



I don't know - but they're pretty!

More bougainvilleas...


A lovely mix of greens...

Spaths... (great for shade and indoors!)


Colorful exterior displays to draw people in....

I don't know these either - but they're pretty too!



More exterior displays - these with morning glory...

This awesome burst of color is called a kalanchoe and packs a
powerful punch for only $2.97!


Along with the two ferns I picked up, I also used a gift card I had to
pick up these lovelies to use out front for a Spring Spruce-Up! The soil around here isn't that great, so I usually plant seasonal container gardens
(more about container gardening later this week).
Here's a peak at the ferns in the dining space with the refreshing green wall...

Adding indoor plants is a great way to breathe life into a space. And with a simple shift later on in the year (for summer), I'll move them outside to the patio to help fill in a bare spot of our tree outside our back window.

What projects did you work on this weekend?
Hope you had fun!

Great tweet to share and thought to keep in mind:
"Life is short - break rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and
never regret anything that made you smile."


  1. We went to Lowe's this weekend (a couple of times) and of course, I had to visit the garden section! I loved seeing all of the new color. I came home with 4 ferns~ I couldn't pass them up at $7.50...cheaper than last year :)
    The vine you didn't know the name of is a Mandevilla.

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos! This makes me BEYOND ready for Spring!!! The Hydrangeas STOLE my heart though! They are my FAVORITE flower!


  3. I could get lost in there never to be found!

  4. Hi - just stopping by from www.brendastarstudios.com to say how much I love following your blog! I was scrolling down the flowers, got to the one where I said' Wow, that is pretty - what is that?" and you said - dont know what this is but its pretty --I agree with you - and if you find out its name let us know -- I always enjoy following your travels ...

  5. So envious. It's so brown and gloomy here. Ready for spring! :)

    Love the quote!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lynda!

  6. It's a great quote to help rationalize SHOPPING (makes me smile!) lol Thanks for stopping by Roeshel!

    Brenda - I think Pam may have solved the riddle - "vine you didn't know the name of is a Mandevilla". THX Pam!!

    And thanks for stopping by Kara and Sister Sophisticate!


    :D Lynda


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