Just a play on words for Hurricane Season and the color of the season: BLUE... A color block post packed with so many blues to discover down in Key West: Caribbean and cool water blues, Gulf and pool aquamarine blues, navy and news blues, teals and turquoise blues, baby and sky blues, and peek-a-boo-blue... And mind you, this was unintentional. I was clicker-happy when I was down there... and while grouping sets together on flickr, these shots captured around Key West just seem to make a statement (and maybe the news needs to post to keep the tourists visiting!!)... enJOY!

Key West aquamarine blue

Gulf & coolwater blue

Caribbean & Montego Bay blue

Shoreline & Lagoon blues

Sunwashed & Bahama breeze blues

Baby & Sky blues

News Blues

Calypso & Nautical blues

Well - that's a
whole-La te da-blue!

I shutter to think...
what could be next for
Key West Week...

I'm just a wreck...

All photos captured by Lynda Quintero-Davids


  1. Wow...........some cool aquamarine/turquoise blues! Great pics. You must go thru a ton of memory cards Lynda! :)

  2. That 'red-head' just snuck her way in there somehow right? ;-) Well, besides taking inspiring images, presenting them in varying layouts, I noticed you are a comedienne too! I shutter to think what you'll roll out for tomorrow. I'm lovin' these posts.

  3. Love those photos!
    I have a photo of that aqua house on my blog too!! Is it across the street from the SouthernMost Hotel?? We were there in December and I just LOVE that place!!


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