Today has been a bit of a crazy day. The beloved desktop I've been blogging, surfing, and social networking on has seen better days (it is five years old).  It added a little pressure while I was trying to finish up a project today. Earlier this week, I was asked if I'd like to participate in an interview (my first!!), and what should have taken two hours to do, took more than double because of the bugs in the computer. I was able to complete it; however, in between the starts and stops, lock-ups and time-outs, I took a little time to revamp the office - just a bit - nothing major...

I wanted to work in the white pieces from downstairs anyways...
so this little bit of tweaking got them in (and out of the corner!!)

YAY!! The September issue arrived!!

Sephora likes the tray I added to contain loose papers...

She REALLY likes being in the inbox :)

But she still enjoys being perched in the window...

So since the computer has been on the verge of crashing...
We ordered a replacement - and it arrived today! YAY!

To be installed tomorrow... and the interview will be posted FRIDAY on Modern Bird Studios blog. Megan asked some fun questions - and you'll get to know a little bit more about me and my background - like since I'm from Jersey she asked "Are all residents from Jersey just like Jersey Shore?" - lol
Gregg and his wife Megan know that most modern art available is enormously expensive or mass produced and impersonal. Consequently, they have decided to expand this new style of art to those who have the same appreciation for hip, modern style and who desire to have something more personal to them to enrich their homes.

If you've never been to Modern Bird Studios - it's a MUST to check out! They merge photography, technology and paint to create hip-urban-modern and unique works of art. Check them out, and while you're there you can read some other of Megan's interviews with bloggers, artists, and designers...

And stay tuned for more pics on
Tweaking the Think Tank ...


  1. Cool.......a new toy. I hate slow computers. Drives me bonkers.

  2. Hi, Lynda, nice to meet you via the Modern Bird interview. I also did a giveaway with MB, love my piece! Your blog is really pretty, enjoyed looking around.

  3. Thanks for popping by after reading the MB interview Rhoda! Jill - the new one is running SOOOOOO much quicker and better! THANK GOODNESS!!

    Less stressed...



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