Fall Transition - Pottery Barn - Winston Salem

I haven't really toured any of the home specialty stores since we moved to North Carolina. Since I'm feeling a little better and the fall season is just around the corner, I thought I'd go take a look at my nearby Pottery Barn in Winston Salem. Most retailers are now in fall transition, but Pottery Barn still had a good assortment of outdoor living still set. In an effort to create space for the next seasons merchandise, summer clearance deals were neatly set, in some not so focal areas. Hints of new fall assortments, such as new brass lighting, velvet pillows and leather specials were set front and center. Here are a few new favorites...

 Loved the smoked glass!

Funky industrial style brass lighting...

Great grey linen shades paired with aged brass and acrylic...

Loved this brass globe...

Simple window display, focused on brass...

Lots of neutrals - and plenty of paisley patterns...

Still featuring grey wall color, but deeper and darker...

Rich texture with jewel tone crewel and velvet pillows...

And speaking of pillows...

I couldn't pass up a clearance find on a great pair of leopard print pillow covers for Fall!

Thankfully, I didn't see any Halloween set (yet) but I'm sure it will be out for August.

 I love summer - but I'm looking forward to enjoying fall this year - especially the leaves changing color! How about you?

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Easy Outdoor Decorating: Mixing Old & New Deck Decor

Mixing old & new doesn't necessarily mean the old are rusty found objects - Old items can be pieces you already have renewed with paint or refreshed when paired with new accents. Even though I love shopping secondhand (for the budget savings & creative challenge) I love scoring new decor deals at home stores, such as HomeGoods, Target, Lowe's and Home Depot. Although I had planned out the upper deck dining area (see boards & post here), ironically the first space I pulled together was the lower level of the deck. I couldn't wait to sit in the shade to enjoy the view, listen to the birds sing, and sip my morning coffee! 

After our deck repairs and staining were complete, I was so excited to pull together the outdoor spaces, to safely start enjoying them. Along with some outdoor pieces I already had from Florida and Arizona, I also scored a great deal on a 4 piece white wicker set during Market Week right here in High Point this Spring. When I bought it, I had intended on painting the white wicker matte black, but right now I'm enjoying its more back-porch southern style in white. 


At first, I had just used some pillows I had gotten while living out in Phoenix, but the white needed something a little more bold & crisp than what I had. A quick trip to a local HomeGoods and I was able to layer in just the new oomph the white wicker needed - and the layered patterns compliment the newly dark stained deck...

 The Black & White Stripe pattern is repeated in the accent rug, b&w outdoor pillows and coffee mugs  + the check pattern of magnifying glass handle - also all from HomeGoods - just not all at the same time...

The lattice pattern is repeated in the shadow, pillow print and white ceramic lanterns. A  tray on the wicker table gives a solid surface for beverages...

 Tossing a small accent rug on an angle gives a relaxed feel to this shaded retreat (plus still reveals the newly stained deck!)

Not all inspiration comes from Pinterest - I've really enjoyed flipping through my morning deck reads: a book on birds plus a Southern Living landscape book (both thrift scores here in NC!) and I also still enjoy combing through shelter magazines, such as Traditional Home...

 The thrifted white wicker texture complimented with black metal & solid white accents, such as two small Happy Chic white vases - empty now but can be used for small yard clippings and tablescape later...

Originally white, a small metal accent table (I was using in AZ in our bathroom) works great on the deck now, holding a plant in a relaxing shaded nook. Next year adds (earlier in Spring) - Outdoor panels, vines on the lattice, and outdoor lighting - This year, just enjoy the summer shade...

Not piling on the pillows onto the settee gives it room for people to sit, as well as a space for an extra pillow to come off a chair, and not need to pile up on the floor - It's just enough to relax without getting too fussy. Besides, when winter comes back around, some of the accents will need to go into shed storage...

Although the white garden stools aren't a thrift find, they too were a great deal on special from Home Depot. Again, not over-accessorizing their tops leaves surface space for a magazine, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a phone, a foot rest, a plant or even additional seating...

Although I have thought about layering in outdoor panels, I think I'll wait and layer them in next Spring -- along with (maybe) hanging a row of framed lattice panels along the back of the this covered deck space, to give back wall interest & and contrast - especially with the white wicker, which has grown on me!

Getting It Together:
Mixing Old & New - Deck Decor

HomeGoods Finds - from Greensboro, NC to Phoenix, AZ and Miami FL
2 green lattice outdoor pillows + 2 B&W outdoor pillows
2 white ceramic lanterns + B&W stripe mugs
B&W square tray + stripe throw rug + oval straw mat
Metal accent table + bamboo trim ceramic vases
B&W lumbar (interior only pillow)

Other deck details in the mix:
Settee cushion + 2 chair cushions + 4 green, white, tan, black stripe pillows
(Garden Ridge AZ 2013 & NC 2015)
4 piece white wicker set (to be painted) - $175
(Antique Vintage Thrift - High Point 2015)
2 books ($6) -The Red Collection - Greensboro NC 2015
Bronze chaise (to be painted) JCP AZ 2012
2 black metal bistro folding chairs - JCP FL 2008
Black metal round folding table - Target NC 2015 
2 White Ceramix (brand) garden stools - Home Depot NC 2015
All plants (minus 2 ferns) $50
local nursery - closing sale
2 ferns - $7 each - First day of Spring at Lowe's

B&W planter containers: 
I collected over time from Big Lots, Home Depot & Thrift.
I painted them black & white to look more graphic on the deck and to give them a more cohesive style.

Two B&W urns (upside down, either side of settee as plant stands)
Old JCP display urns (free!) from '96 - I had previously used them for our front entry in Phoenix, and I also used them in the dining room in Florida.

Now it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this shaded summer outdoor space, with my husband, plus invite the neighbors over - for some grillin' upstairs, and chillin' downstairs!

If you would like to see the deck before you can view at: 

Here are 5 Take-Away Tips for Decorating Your 
Deck, Patio, or Small Outdoor Living Space
1. Ensure your space is safe & repaired.
2. Refrain from overdecorating - leave space for drinks, reads, and feet!
3. Have fun with pattern - take cues from what's around you!
4. Just like inside: collect over time for personalized style!
5. Smaller toss rugs set on an angle give a care-free look, while still revealing deck boards for color & texture.

Also to consider: Top 2 Weather Conditions
1. For rain or sun-drenched climates, ensure you're using specified outdoor fabrics to prevent mold and fading.
2. Consider winter storage space to extend your outdoor furnishings (and plants!) life.

*** Deck Safety Tip Reminder: ***
If your deck is 10 years old, have it inspected and repaired before loading with decor, furniture & people. Have your deck checked every 3 years after.

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Hope you are inspired and enjoy your outdoor deck decor!

Note: This post is sponsored by HomeGoods and the Happy By Design project. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

Make Home Yours - Americana Touches for July 4th!

Happy 4th of July!! We're spending a quiet day at home, without any home projects - just relaxing... and house sitting for neighbors who went away. Jeff is doing some grilling, and later tonight, we'll head over to a local park (ironically called Fourth of July Park!) to watch the fireworks. Hope you enjoy a fabulous July 4th - either with friends & family - during a staycation or relaxing during a weekend away! 

Happy 4th of July!
Land of the Free - Because of the Brave!

Although we're quietly celebrating America's birthday today, I did layer in a few simple Americana touches to our home for July 4th... Most of it was created with books (I've collected from travel + secondhand shops), flags mixed with faux & fresh cut greens, plus pulling out a few red & blue dishes - the blue & white chinoiserie accents were just shifted from another room -- and I made a simple vignette at the entrance mixing a thrifted chair I recently refinished (details posting shortly!), and tossed my favorite denim jacket on it, along with a simple flag pillow...

Summertime - Stars & Stripes! 
(Lamp + Black Shade + Panels from HomeGoods)
And if you know me: my must have for summer are fresh palms (picked up 2 for $14 at Lowe's in May!) They not only added a dash of green to the space for summer, but having them in the planters on the end tables gave  them height + they're easy to move to the deck to water...

Secondhand stars - a trio previously rust, I painted flat white - the third is on the front door en lieu of a wreath...

Sleepy Sephora and a summer afternoon nap... 

Fresh cut greens + shells I collected from a recent trip back to Florida (Vero Beach!) earlier in June... 

A (fuzzy) sneak peek at the latest fabric wall art I created (from secondhand bamboo frames + a table runner!) - and another sweet pic of Sephora. Love her - and she really loves it here!

My bicentennial glass cylinder, I thrifted back in Florida (2010) and I pull out every July 4th... 

Stripe melamine plates and solid cobalt dishware from HomeGoods nested inside of 1 of 2 woven trays I scored at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (High Point)...

Great photo book of America, I picked up at a consignment shop...

Collected thrift books, topped with a frame from HomeGoods - The picture is from us on Newport Beach, CA last May for our anniversary (why keep all those memories on your phone?? Print a few faves and frame them!)

 The third star really pops on the front door - and relates to the pops of white flowers I've planted...

Happy 4th of July!
Stay safe & thanks for stopping by!


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