Welcoming Spring With a Garden Container Outdoor Entry

When we moved into our townhome in Florida, I learned about container gardening. It was a great solution to add color to our house front or patio, without having to dig into the not so soft ground (mostly coral rock). Over the years in Florida, I had grown and nurtured several plants, but because of state laws, I was unable to take any of the plants with me when we moved here to Arizona. Although I gave away most of my plants to friends and family, I did keep several of the containers. Refreshing the containers with a quick cleaning and a fresh coat of paint helped spare the expense of having to start totally all over again... All I needed to do was invest in a few flowering plants to give our now stacked stone stoop a shot of color for Spring.

Even though I don't have the same front landscape, I am still keeping true to my style reusing lanterns as planters, and using rich pinks and purples... which also transition well into summer. Here's a peek back at some container gardening I did back at our FL townhome from Springs past...

Reusing my Winter / Fall branches (now 2 years old) by simply wrapping with faux blossoms from Michael's helped give height to the stoop entrance and frame the door. Last Spring, I also wrapped the branches w/blossoms, but I had them inside our living room (for Fall, I've hot glued fall leaves to the branches). I only bought 4 blossom sprays, at $4.99 each - BUT they were 50% off! (woo-hoo!) Again, this was a great way to save money, but still create a welcoming spring entrance on a budget. I had seen two beautiful and tall jasmine topieries also at Home Depot, but they were $20 each.

Reusing what I had:
2 large lanterns (@ $20 ea.) refreshed black
2 small lanterns (@ @12 ea) refreshed black
2 large containers (@ $18 ea) refreshed ORB + black
2 terracotta pots (@ $7 ea) refreshed gold
2 bamboo detailed post (@ $8 ea) refreshed semi-gloss black
2 small basket weave posts (@ $6 ea) used as riser
2 small containers inside lanterns (@ $.99 ea) just cleaned
Golden Egg Wreath (thrift + diy LY) repaired + refreshed antique gold
2 large urns (free & previously used in LR or DR) just cleaned
2 outdoor pink metal garden bunnies (@ $7 ea) refreshed in white (but need to do gold)
branches - found on side of the road 2 years ago in FL
green moss for filler - reused from Easter tablescapes LY
simple season less doormat - just cleaned
wiped down front door, railing & light fixture w/Old English furniture polish
wiped off scuffs from front step w/Magic Erase
approx. $160 savings

Plants invested in:
2 Bougainvillea @ 8.88 ea
2 Pinks @ 3.98 ea
2 purple daisies @ 3.98 ea
2 batches of mini white flowers split into 4 pots  @ 4.98 ea batch
4 faux blossom sprays at Michael's on sale @ 2.50 ea
approx $55 seasonal garden investment

If you're renting, like we are, floral filled outdoor containers are a great little Spring Spruce-up for outside, to welcome family home with color, as well as say "Happy Spring!" to your neighborhood. This weekend is the perfect weekend for your outdoor Spring Spruce-ups because you can save even more money shopping at Home Depot's annual SPRING BLACK FRIDAY event!

Happy Spring and thanks for visiting!


Spring Tablescape Ideas

Something about Spring awakens a time of celebration. Easter, Passover and Palm Sunday are just the start (and only a few days away), plus also coming up are several bridal showers, baby showers, and Mother's Day. Whatever the Spring celebration, it will probably call for a refreshing Spring table setting to rise to the occasion. Last Spring, I utilized our dining area to create some stylish Spring Table Settings in bold color combos and affordable DIY designs I shared here on the blog. Here is a round up of those tables, plus a few outdoor settings to inspire your next spring gathering and spring table setting!

(Layers of black and white patterns: paisley, plaid and damask paired with pops of hot pink in an apple green dining room)

(also great to use for Palm Sunday with palms or for a Passover Seder - just replace eggs holding rolled napkins with ribbon or cuff bracelets (see here)

(a play on the word carrot because of using gold)

(Simple B&W pattens paired with golden eggs)

The above Spring Tablestyles I created in one afternoon, after gathering up accessories, textiles, and dishes from around the house (plus a few thrifted items I gathered along the way). My inspiration behind them all was having just painted the dining room an amazing & refreshing spring green! My fave dishes to use for table settings is simple basic white, but it's anything but basic because it is so versatile. It's easy to add layers of interest to white dishes like printed or textured salad or dessert plates, plus it's easy to add extra place settings to a table when the guest list grows - but still keep a cohesive look.


Fuse inspiration from your fashion into your decor for
(note: play on the words fusion + fashion)

Centerpieces don't need to be over sized or full of flowers to make a statement. I made this simple arrangement from glass cylinders (I usually have filled with sand & coral), green moss (picked up on clearance after Christmas - go figure?) and 3 brass candlestick holders I thrifted two Fall's ago. Alone, the brass pieces were too small. Adding them inside the glass cylinders (from Dollar Store & Micheal's) enlarged the scale of the arrangement + adds sparkle to the table. Making TWO sets of these and setting them at the ends of the table, keeps the "center" open for food & conversation, like I did last year for Our Easter Home.


The year before, when I had painted the dining room a pretty shade of turquoise, I had come up with also pairing pink & red or yellow & white for some more Spring Tablestyling...

Using doilies can give a table a lacy look. Layer them down the center of a table as a runner, combining with starfish or shells.

Mix both real (ferns) with faux (blossoms) to create a look for less.
A trellis hung on the wall adds to the garden room feel.

Since the weather is so beautiful outside, Spring is the perfect time to also take advantage of it and set your table outside...

For Mother's Day, I made my own personalized arrangements with $2 teapots I found through thrift. And to help save money on real flowers, I opted for tiny tea roses. For filler: mix with mums, daisies or carnations. After brunch, mom got to take these arrangements home for her bedroom nightstands, and afterwards as part of her kitchen decor.

Happy Spring Tablescaping!
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12 Easter Tablescape Tips For You

You still have two more weeks to plan and gather-up your goodies to create your Easter tablescapes this year. I'll be sharing more photos of full Spring tablestyles this week, but for now, here are some ideas mainly for Easter, but some can also be used for any Spring occasion. From graphic black & white pattern to touches of gold or food inspirations, here are 12 take-away tips I recapped for you from my Easter Tablescapes past...

Basically, have your inspiration, but to have a vision for the mood, personalize it to make it you own, don't set boundaries - experiment, and execute.

Tip #1
Live plants and fresh fruit bring life to a table
Add texture with a lacy runner from HomeGoods to give it movement.

Tip #2
Spot items out of season  and collect them - these baskets I had spotted at Micheal's Craft store in the $1 bins, about three months before using them.

Tip #3
Refresh everyday accessories from around the house with a new color (like gold)
and use those items on your table.

Tip #4
Whether you already own decorations or if you spot something in a store, look past its color right to its shape, scale and potential. Metalic pink eggs are magically transformed with gold. To help paint eggs, repurpose egg cartons to hold eggs while you paint - BUT - be sure to cover a Styrofoam carton with foil. If not, the acetone in the paint will EAT the Styrofoam (unless it's Design Master brand spray paint).

Tip #5
Create a cohesive look of seasonal decor in your home onto
your table through a finish or color.

Tip #6
For added interest, pick up some patterned plates while thrifting.
I found these Wedgwood plates (set of 6 @ $3.79 thrifting in FL) to layer into
my everyday white and mix with other thrifted white plates.

Tip #7
Find a balance and mix it up to avoid a catalog look.
Not everything needs to be all thrifted.
(Found candle holders & dishes thrifting)
Not everything needs to be all from one store.
(Found placemats + tall cylinder at HomeGoods and small glass cylinder at Dollar Store)
Not everything needs to be all bought on clearance.
(green grass found after Christmas clearance)

Tip #8
If you can't find what you're looking for (like graphic pattern napkins), make your own.
Fabric Quarters (usually for quilting) are a GREAT and affordable alternative - especially when they're on sale for $1.38 each. Just roll edges and top stitch for a finished look.

Tip #9
Colorblock mixed bags of candy by separating the candy for stronger color impact on your tablesetting.

Tip #10
There's nothing wrong with mixing in faux flowers.
It's more economical, they last longer, and you can reuse for other seasons, tables, or rooms. Watch for 50% off sales & add coupons to save even more (ex: at Micheal's). Also: don't overlook the Dollar Store - a single color or flower style done in mass can look more expensive that it really was.

Tip #11
Use what you have in new ways or color combos.
Remove labels from wine bottles to give shimmer & height to your tablescape: paint them for added color or wrap with twine to add texture. Give tables added color pop by using colored stemware.

Tip # 12
Be aware of the inspiration that is all around you...
even in your refrigerator from carrots to oranges to apples, your kids storybooks like golden eggs, or even your closet for fun pattern mixes.

If you can, it's great to take some time to experiment with different table styles. You may find out an original plan won't work - maybe it's too cluttered for your guests. You may even come up with something totally different and it could be just what you needed. Folding chairs aren't the only means of extra seating - although you could paint an old one in a new vibrant color, you may also spot some cool chairs for only $5 while thrifting. Benches can also work for unconventional seating or give your table a modern look.

Hope these tips are of some help to you :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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Note: Although I've shared this post with HomeGoods and the Happy By Design project, all thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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