3 EZ DIY Summer Outdoor Games

Last week, I was watching LIVE! With Kelly and saw a fun segment that brought back a lot of fun summertime memories - Outdoor Games. Katie Brown was the guest who created several DIY outdoor games you too can create (read about + watch the video on the LIVE! link: Katie Brown's Outdoor Games). My three faves were #1 (by far!) Twister, #2 Bowling and #3 Miniature Golf. I tried looking for images on Katie's FB wall, the LIVE! link, Google images and even Pinterest - but no luck (go figure?). Here are some similar images from Pinterest, that I'm sure you creative DIYers can tweak!

Use WATER-BASE paint if painting circles to grass.
An alternative to grass, (and more practical IMO) is how Katie Brown used ASTROTURF! 
Then you can take it anywhere!

Katie used clear LITER BOTTLES filled with color water for this!

Sand pails, rocks, plants can create these obstacles. Katie Brown had used metal drywall studs and other galvanized building materials to create her mini golf course. Flags were faux palm fronds for a tropical hole in one! 

Nothing fancy - It's not the U.S. Open... 
Just some backyard fun!

If you're in need of golf clubs and golf balls - Check out your local thrift shops (Hubs has actually done this and created a set for next to nothing! Golf Bag was a splurge at sporting goods store, but you can thrift that too!) If you're here in AZ you can save even more signing up for the monthly 20% off coupon or shopping their 50% off Super Saturday Sales. Clubs can be $1 - $4 and a bag of balls can $1 or $2 - plus your extra discount.

Reminder: If painting Twister dots to grass, use water-base paint.

With Summertime just around the corner, and kiddos out from school (already out today here in AZ!) these can help keep them occupied, active and close to home :) What are some outdoor games you've created or enjoying playing?

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LOVE the June Issue of House Beautiful!

Even though several shelter magazines are now online (great for pinning!) I still enjoy  flipping through the pages in my own hands. My three faves I subscribe to are Elle Decor, Traditional Home, and House Beautiful. Although the online version may be a great weight & space saver for traveling, I enjoyed lounging with coffee this morning and flipping through the latest issue of House Beautiful. This was probably my fave issue of theirs by far! Why? Probably because it was so incredibly relatable with its features, interviews, stories, images and info. If you don't subscribe, look for it on your newsstand shortly! Here's a quick preview of some fave images and features...

This Reversible Fabrics Feature reminded me of the samples I snipped at JoAnn's back in February, and been wanting to get a yard to recover two stools. The one HB featured is called Pebble Beach from at linkoutdoor.com. My samples from JoAnn's are from Waverly...

The pattern also came in grey... Still reversible too...

Been on a big basket kick lately for summer. The oversized basket used to hold those extra toss pillows (under bedside table) is a great storage & display idea!

LOVE the ombre look of this wall display!
Easy to do with painted plates or even silver trays collected from thrift!

Stripe walls are so on-trend!
Love the look in aqua & white for a summertime bathroom!

Before we went to San Diego, I had seen this book featured at Houzz.com: 

LOVED this book stores staggered wall display...

I had wanted to pick it up in a shop in La Jolla Beach, CA (above pic), but couldn't bring myself to spend the $55 on the book. Today, I picked it up at Amazon for only $32!

So miss our WHITE kitchen & LOVE the ticking stripped upholstered chairs!

We enJOY English muffins for breakfast, so this tasty burger caught my eye and we have to try!

Even the hubs got a kick out of the first sentence of the Mrs. Fix-It feature... "I have a disease". Jeff says that EVERY time he comes back from the grocery store - He can NEVER come out with that "just one thing" - nor can I when thrifting :) She thrives on home repair & decor :)

Great read on "Your house has a well LOVED look" about a love affair with the home <3

LOVE the simple look of this bed - NOT over stacked with pillows 
(I too at times am guilty of doing)


Great look to mix into painted furniture: 
Leave some unfinshed or exposed wood showing through.

My fave paint pallets to use... Neutrals, especially greys.

And my girl crush continued with the Lara Spencer feature, 
also in the June issue of House Beautiful.

There are many more features to enjoy... So be on the look-out!
How about you? Do you subscribe to shelter magazines? Or do you view them now all online? Which are your faves?

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Making Memorial Day Memories

Hey all! Although today may be the kick-off to Summer vacay season, it's also a day to remember those who have served and protected our nation! (It's also the last day of our little week-long vacation - more about that this week!) Last night, Jeff and I went through a family heirloom: it was the trunk of Jeff's grandfather, holding many memories and links to his ancestors past. We traced some of his roots back to the 1880's and learned some things along the way from grandfathers serving in WWI & WWII, to even his connections to IBM, several ribbons won and also band service! The last time we looked at the footlocker was about 2003... It was nice to reminisce.

Jeff's Grandad...

Jeff's Great Uncle George...

I want to frame these!

Yesterday & today, we made patriotic breakfast, cleaned up out front (my Spring Stoop dried up so badly; I replaced the containers with succulents - more drought tolerant to our location). This is also the first time we hung a flag outside since this house came with the holder for a flag pole. I picked one up at Big Lots for only $10, and back in February, I also spotted some thrifty patriotic finds to spruce up our table with (shopping or thrifting off season is a great way to save $$)

Succulents helped refresh our Arizona (shaded) stoop with a shot of fresh greens.

Old faithful hung proudly on our door :)

Tablescape Tip:
Thrift for woven & wicker finds to add natural texture to your summertime tabletop.

Tablescape Tip:
A thrifted flag for $5 will make a great tablecover today!

Patriotic Pancakes:
RED strawberries + WHITE powder sugar + BLUE plates

Tablescape Tip:
Tea Towels make for GREAT oversized napkins!

Tablescape tip:
Mix in seaside treasures to personalize your tablescape - These starfish I picked up on a day trip to the Bahama's back when we were dating. A quick spray of white paint and they're ready to go with those tea towel stripes!


We enjoyed a great week off - some spent as our first Road trip plus some spent in San Diego. The rest of the week we relaxed at home, but also explored a little more of AZ at a farmers market, a local market in Mesa and some stores. And although we didn't go renew our vows for our anniversary, we did go have our rings cleaned and polished. Today we're grilling ribs & COTC, making potato salad, bike riding, and heading over to a park to play a little badminton.

LOVE Americana window displays at this time of the year <3

History Hallway at the Coronado Del Mar Resort in San Diego...

LOVE history!
Can't wait to watch The Hatfields & The McCoys tonite on the History channel!

More patriotic presentations - but preppy at Macy's, AZ.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend,
enjoy a great week ahead and have a Happy Memorial Day!


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