It's amazing to me just how much energy people spend on complaining - through tweets & comments - yet without a solution of how to make things better. Many people are so incredibly judgemental, without even walking in someone elses shoes - or are quick to find fault and place blame. Unfortunately so much of these 'high school-like' antics occurred during the Oscars. Of course there is room for improvement - don't we ALL have that? But geez - take a moment to see the good, find some beauty and pay respectable compliments and recognition to something instead of being so damn negative! Isn't there ENOUGH negativity in the world right now? Why the hell must people add to it? Ok - 'nough said... Here are some of the gorgeous gowns and strong color stories I noticed while watching the 2011 Oscars...

I LOVE black - so these were probably my faves

LOVE Heidi Klum's Smoke & Mirrors gown!

Not necessarily faves - but pretty colors.

Most images sourced from Just Jared, Google images and Getty images.
The color-blocked collages I made through Picnik.com.
Below are Anne Hathaway's gowns - Styled by Rachel Zoe and
associate stylist for the event - Jill Lincoln. You can read more about the designers at
PopWatch on EW.com and I'm sure PLENTY of other sites and blogs today.

We all have choices to make - choose to be more positive than negative
and BE the change you want to see in the world and enJOY life!

No matter what people say - most of the ladies looked beautiful - and if the fashions were a bit underwhelming for you - take it as a sign of the times.

Now... to open a can of worms:
Did you watch the show? Which dress was your fave?
Did you watch to see the gowns? the entertainment? or just to see who won?
I watched to see the gowns, hair, style, color trends and who won - which
I'm VERY happy - INCEPTION won several awards!! =)

Have a wonderful week and HAPPY Monday!


These are the kind of days I do admire and love about Miami - blue skies, bright sun, no humidity and artful events to explore on the weekend! This weekend, and continuing through Monday is the 48th Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival. The hubs and I went last year - and it was overcast and chilly. This year, it was a sunny delight! So if you're still up in the cold north and longing for a sunny Springtime day - pour yourself a cup or tea or coffee and enJOY some pics I captured Saturday at this years Art Fest!

Graceful Sculptures
Michael Gard

Award Winning Photography
Michael Bryant
Atlanta, GA

Salvaged Metal Wall Art

Beautiful & vibrant colors... but hey - come on -
David's paintings are more striking than this.
Don't you think?

Most of the show consisted of Digital Photography... as well as several local artists from throughout the state of Florida. Although there was one artist from New Jersey - Juan Bernal - who does etchings and murals.

Sand | Lime | Ash
High Cliff Studio
Evolutionary Art Glass
Sherwood, WI

Sand - Lime -Ash
High Cliff Studio
Evolutionary Art Glass
Sherwood, WI

Grant Ward
Spinning & Turning | Metal & Wood
Jacksonville, FL

Unusual furniture forms

Paul Freundt
Furniture Sculpture
Talking Rock, GA

As I sipped a Pinot Grigio and did a little people watching at The Mutiny, I had a thought:
A great additional to the Art Fest next year could be a "Greet & Meet" presentation with David Bromstad! He's a local gem a star AND an artist... who is also launching a line of his paintings this year. Along with David and tied back to the show are also a few other local artisans they have featured. Why not group a few booth together and feature ColorSplash - The Artisans Block?? It could promote the show, the local artists and add newness to the Art Fest!!

But hey - Who am I? Let's continue walking through the festival....

2011 Art Fest logo

Interesting reuse and upcylced pipes and gauges for garment fixtures.

Bronze sculptures.

Wood & Stone - Mixed Media
Firehammer Studios
Lyons, CO

Handcrafted Leather Journal Covers

Photos to canvas

Upcycled items turned into frames for photographer
Micheal Paul Cole

Upcycled window & door frame for photo frame
Micheal Paul Cole

Unique panel paintings

Interesting and unique jewelry presentation

Rug & Bead Artisan
Emilie Pritchard
Panama City, FL

Capitalizing on space, the crowd and being closed off:
The Mutiny Hotel on Bayshore Drive utilized their driveway by creating a lounge. They served beverages and some appetizers in an area they created by relocating some of their pool lounge furnishings. Genius!!

The Mutiny Hotel

More blue skies in The Grove

Total Miami Vibe...

Digital Paintings

Life-Like Sculpture creations

Hello Dali!

Gorgeous glass vessels

More photography.
Seeing these photos from Havana made me cry and think of my dad =)

Interesting eye-straining art
Crisp - Clean - Modern

Some of the smallest pieces could have the biggest impact
Clifton Henri
Chicago, IL

And the clear blue skies continued all afternoon...
even for our ride home passing by Downtown Miami...

Hope you enJOYed the trip to the Art Fest
and also hope you had a wonderful weekend!
If you're off today and you are down south
in Florida - go check out the Art Fest!

Thanks for stopping by!


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