DIY Indigo Wall Art With Framed Fabric

Looking for a super simple afternoon DIY or weekend project to give your space a lift? Framing your favorite fabric may be the way to go! I've done other framed fabric projects before, with upholstery fabric samples, a tablecloth or place-mats (I'll leave the links at the end of the post), but this one is with a table runner I picked up at World Market earlier this year. For this project, a table-runner was just what I needed to update a trio of vintage gilded bamboo, long thin frames I had scored for only $12 from a consignment shop in Greensboro. The hard part was deciding whether to frame two panels in ikat with 2 cross-hatch, or 2 cross-hatch with 1 ikat. I opted for the latter.

Here is what you will need and what I did: 
  1. Double-sided table runner
  2. Three Frames
  3. Scissors
  4. Shipping Tape
  5. Needle-nose Pliers
Project time: 30-40 mins

Scored a double sided table runner...

Scored a trio of gilded bamboo frames...

 Remembered the runner and tested it inside the panel before cutting it up...

No turning back now - the runner was cut: I cut the side seams off first, then the bottom edge...

I tested which combination I thought would look /feel better in the space: ikat with 2 cross-hatch, or 2 cross-hatch with 1 ikat...

 Removed the cardboard backing of the panel (may need needle-nose pliers to remove frame back staples) to cover it with fabric - No staples - No glue - Just wrap fabric like a gift and secure with good ole shipping tape helped to fasten down the wrapped fabric...

 After the cardboard back was wrapped, I slipped it back into the frame - Since it slipped in front of the previous art, there was no need for extra taping to the back...

 Cross-hatch was a popular pattern I also noticed during #hpmkt -- it's graphic without being so extreme. The single ikat panel compliments the my collection of  blue & white vases & jars I shifted into the living room for summer.

I knew I didn't want to create another gallery wall (having lived with one in the living room in AZ for 3 years - my eyes needed a rest!) The framed fabric wall art grouping made a refreshing focal point for summer, and still works with my other existing B&W accents in the space. 

I flanked the triptych grouping with two other framed fabric prints, I actually scored at a local consignment shop in Greensboro. Come Fall, I'll transfer this grouping into my office, and either do a B&W photo grid, or bring back my gold mirror collection (just in time to add sparkle for the holidays!)

A pair of fresh palms I picked up back on Memorial Day Weekend) at Lowes (2 for $14!!) worked to not only add height, but a little summertime tropical flare. I'll probably shift these to the upstairs guest den for fall/winter. (see the full Living Room plus details in my previous post:

Before & After: Living Room Remix In A New Home

Vintage Gilt Frame Trio $12 - The Red Collection, Greensboro
Blue & White Runner (clearance) $12 - World Market, Greensboro (store closed)
20 mins of your time + $24 to create unique 40" x 46" wall art +10 mins to hang it for a season of enjoyment!

Here are the links to other framed fabric wall art projects you may enjoy:

Hope you are inspired - Save idea for next Summer, or apply this to your next seasonal update (Fall is just around the corner!!) This can also work to personalize a dorm space or add pattern to an apartment, while working witth a small budget.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous! Now I need to look for the frames!

  2. It was a shame you could not save the painting, and it would have been nicer to not have everything so match-matchy in your living room. I am sorry, replacing the gorgeous chinoiserie paintings with ordinary fabric is not one I would be lifting off your design book.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I almost gasped when I saw what the fabric replaced. The original is much better than the fabrics used.. a shame really!

    2. Hi Gerladine (and Anon) -- I DID save the original Chinoiserie in the panels, which was not a painting, but a print on cardboard - No need to gasp :) This probably explains why the 3 panels were only $12. I had them up for a little bit, but something did not 'feel' right in the space.

      The mix of the indigo & white works as a pattern mix of scale (not matching but contrasting the vases against the crosshatch pattern) - The fabric covered panel just slipped in front of the original Chinoiserie.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for stopping by :)

    3. I'm sorry to disagree with you, but Geraldine and Anonymous are right. The prints, "printed on cardboard" though they might have been were better before.
      The end result is disappointing.

    4. This is a project I plan on doing for the stairway down to my in-progress living area. Gorgeous!!

  3. I love this project! Thank you for sharing! The frames are gorgeous and so is the styling of the entire room!

  4. I disagree with the posters above.....I think this look is a big improvement over those prints (which I see almost every time I visit a Goodwill or other thrift store.) We recently moved into a large office space that needs "something" on the walls and my co-workers and I were just saying THIS is it - we need to look for some inexpensive frames and some great fabric to liven up our space and add some color to beige walls. We work for a non-profit, so there isn't a budget for decorating, and we can do this on a shoestring. BTW, we clicked over from Centsational Girl to your blog.

  5. To each their own style and freedom to post negative comments anonymously. I personally like the new look and appreciate the tutorial on how you did it. If I didn't like, I wouldn't bother posting.

  6. I am in agreement with Lynda. Interior design, just like art should be changed "up" frequently. Using the frames for fabric in the summer and for the prints in the fall, for example, is a PERFECT example of this. Frankly, your home should always be a constantly changing "pallet".

    Although my personal taste isn't to match accessories with wall hangings, rugs, furniture, etc. it is what is currently "in style" in the design world and Lynda is right on point with her placement.

  7. hi do you know the measurements of the frames? im trying to recreate this exact look

  8. This is just what I was looking for to decorate my walls and I love that it's a DIY project meaning I get to spend less. Thanks for sharing, it really looks great and expensive. A great upgrade to what the originals were.

  9. I love it! It fresh and bright! Thank you for sharing.

  10. I love this. It so cute and different!!

  11. I am in love with this idea. But especially the specific runner you used. Unfortunately it is no longer sold in World market. If you ever want to sell them please let me know. I’m in Winston so not too far!



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