How has your year been going for you so far? Are you snowed in wherever you are? Have you made a list of projects you'd like to tackle? Anyone doing any major renovations? Painting projects? Is anyone moving to a new place and excited about starting the year with a clean slate? I'd love to hear about it! Email me and send me pics of your DIY's, mini or massive makeovers. Similar to last March where I had March Modern Madness month, I'd like to try to put together a March Makeovers Month. In the meantime, these are some personal projects I'd like to accomplish the first half of this year:

Color Inspiration

New color combos: Pop in Pairs:
Something different I'd like to try is to pop a pair of colors - not just one - with my existing neutrals. Fortunately, I already have soft grey walls throughout our home, so the new neutral is already here. By incorporating some pops of pink and living with it, it has become an inspiration on its own and it's grown on me. Some pairings I'd like try are rose & grassy green for Spring, grassy green and gold with grey, and fuchsia with orange for summer. I'm also going to try to use less black - even though I wear it everyday =)

Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

DIY Project to tackle this year: Sewing:
I'd like to utilize the fabric sources I'm learning about to apply them to make pillows on my own as well as window panels, and slipcovers for the two white ottomans (Sephora had turned into a scratching post - ggrrrrr) and also try to slipcover our bed (with help from my friend Jose!)

Painting projects I'd like to try: Distressing pieces:
I'd like to age an accent wall or room (bedroom or a bathroom maybe), by blending and mixing all the cream, grey, brown and black I already own... I'd also like to lighten & brighten a few accessories (ie repaint!) as well as also try stenciling a pattern in the half-bath (and maybe one other wall around here, or at my moms.)

Wall finish Inspiration

Wall finish Inspiration

Wall finish Inspiration

Wall finish Inspiration

I few other projects I'd like to work on this year is to better organize & consolidate all our keepsakes, create an inspiration board for the home office - and not a project but a plan - be in New York City for the Ten Year 911Memorial & Anniversary. Even if our budget only allows for one trip this year, THAT is where I want to be in September. I was there for the one year, and I told myself I'd come back for the ten year.

Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration

After the Color Splash "gig" ends (around March) I'll be refocusing my attention back on building my blog, brand, business and client projects to makeover. I had thought I'd be able to do both, but it won't be fair to either one, so I've been focused on learning all I can (as well as sharing and networking) for as long as I'm there.



David came back to the studio and loved it! he commented that "it 'feels' like home." A few others have commented the same, and the girl I've been working with (Kathy) said she "feels more productive now that everything is organized". That makes me happy.

More pics to post of the reveal this week.. Stay tuned...


It's been a little while since I've been out thrifting... however, last week I got inspired to check out my local thrift shops. I started getting together some finds now to pull together a Springtime look for Easter. Although I am specifically hunting for some rose colored glasses, I am still drawn to simple white, but textured dishes. And since it's also end of season clearance at retailers, I also picked up clearance items at West Elm, that could possibly work for spring or even summer...

Scallop milk glass bowl $1

Teapots to use as flower containers - maybe even for a Mother's Day brunch at only $2

More milk glass bowls at $1

Green geometric printed napkins a $3 find for set of 4 at West Elm... to pair with my cheveron/zig-zag runner and ikat printed dishes for summer...

Found these charming clearance items at Homegoods for a great deal:

Lovely pedestal side table in white

Easily can be slip covered or just reupholster...
Great new chairs at $69 ea - and they had a set of 4...

Some more finds spotted for spring (but NO - I did not pick up - Hubs would kill me if I did... plus garage only holds so OH!! And BTW: If you are in South Florida - FAITH FARM THRIFT will be having a sale on the weekend on February 4th... Here's some more finds I spotted there...

GORGEOUS hutch at ONLY $109

Beautiful glass front doors....

Pair of chairs (easy to recover or leave alone) at only $15

Crystal Easter egg at only $3
(but only 1 - wish they had at least 4)

Only $15... Similar item sells easily on Etsy for $50...


Yes... Wedgwood.
Pretty patterned pieces at only $25

Pretty pink & gold for spring...

Great streamline vintage coffee pot -
 Great to use as flower container only $10.

Beautiful silver pieces - just shine up with tooth paste =)

Quilted texture & simple white container at only $3

This cluster I found separately in 3 different rows and totalled only $11.

It's a new year and time for new finds...
Happy Thrifty Thursday!


For rustic time-worn charm to add to your decor, you've got to check out Urban Loft.  The two unit space set inside the Bird Road Arts District is an amazing gem of a shop... especially with trends in design leaning more towards vintage looking collectibles, but with updated fabrics and finishes. To top it off - they are also very reasonably priced, which can add value to your space because you can create a more personal style vs. a cookie cutter big-box catalog look - without breaking the bank...

The owners are also helpful, approachable and engaged in your shopping experience. If your hunting for some time-worn charm, or even inspiration to create your own looks from thrift - check out Urban Loft - located within the Bird Road Arts District. Weather conditions had delayed a new assortment, but new goods are now arriving this week. Can't wait to see!

4664 SW 72 AVENUE
MIAMI, FL 33155


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