Looking to wake up the layers in your home? Have solids sold you out? Want a little movement added to your decor? It's simple to do all of the above by adding a fun pattern. Some of the leading home decor trends in patterns are bold and graphic like maze, meander, & Greek Key, while others are more organic and global like Ikat, Ikat chevron and batik. Many of the patterns, especially on chairs, are paired with another popular decor detail: nail-head trim. Even if you're not a DIYer or you're working with a small budget, adding a hint of these patterns is made affordable at specialty stores, big box retailer and discount chains. Sometimes it's that one statement piece that can really make the room. From chairs to pillows, trays to window panels and even lamps, here are a few powerful & playful patterns I spotted while sourcing for some upcoming projects at my local HomeGoods...

 Do you play with patterns in your home? 
What are some of your favorites?

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Heading out for an install - Have a great day!

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Note: This post is sponsored by HomeGoods and the Happy By Design project. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


Days are starting to get shorter which means less daylight and darker d├ęcor. A simple shift and incorporating thrift can help transition the home for Fall. While doing weekend cleaning Saturday, I did just that in our living room. I started to remove & relocate some of the summery items - shifting them upstairs to the loft and also back downstairs to the guest room. Although I didn't add in any pumpkins or branches (it's too soon for that!) I did start to transition my living room for Fall. I started by switching blues for blacks, shifting baskets of shells to the guest den and I swapped cool silver lamps with warmer brass lamps I had upstairs. Just the small change in colors and metal mix is creating a change in the mood for Fall - most of the items I've gotten from thrift. Here's a peek and a few thrift tips...

 Love the magnifying glass I picked up for only $8 from HomeGoods earlier this year...

Thrift Books
The art books were a MAJOR thrift score I made earlier this year. Thrifting for books is an excellent way to add layers into your vignette styling. Buying new books can be expensive - I usually buy books used, but finding them at thrift stores is even better. new books can easily cost $35 - $100 each. Buying used books can be 50% - 70% less -- and thrift hardcover books (from Goodwill) can be $2 - $5 each -- but sometimes, thrift stores have a magnificent sale. I stumbled upon one such sale at a local thrift store that was emptying their warehouse and scored a "Box Of Books" for only $5!

When I learned of the sale, I combed every single pile and aisle, specifically looking for art, architecture, interior design and New York City books I could find. From book colors to titles, books help add layers to your vignette style plus also help to tell your style story...

Snapped this in the garage when I took the frame apart to clean...

Thrift Wall Art
Another way to help tell your style story in your vignettes is thru wall decor, art, or framed photographs. Most of the wall decor I tend to use is black & white photography, so imagine how excited I was when I spotted this Rothko at Goodwill for only $8! Making it an even sweeter deal, I found it during a half off sale at the Goodwill up in Scottsdale, so it was only $4! If you know me, you know I LOVE black, so this is a great addition and simple way to layer interest into our homes wall decor...

Another Super Saturday find - 50% off at Goodwill...

Thrift Lamps
Another find I scored earlier this year at a Goodwill ReDesign Store was a pair of brass lamps. I've been slowly layering in hints of painted gold pieces and brass accents into our decor since 2010. Spotting these lamps was probably my first major brass purchase. If you've picked up a shelter magazine (like Elle Decor or House Beautiful) this year, you've seen brass being the on trend metal to mix into today's decor. Once upon a time it was frowned upon to be mixed with silver (as well as to even still have hanging around from the 80s!) but brass accents really help to warm a space. And something as simple as changing a lamp shade from pleated to cylinder (or drum) can make a world of difference in a thrifted lamp find...

I've found some of the best deals on lamp shades at HomeGoods to pair with my thrift lamps.

Originally I had used the brass lamps upstairs in the loft, but now shifted them downstairs to the living room buffet for fall - replacing the silver lamps. The silver lamps with white shades were refreshing and cool for Spring /Summer -- but now the brass and grey lamp shades (I picked up at HomeGoods a few years back) work great to transition into Fall....

Lighting, colors, and accessories play a huge part in changing the mood of a seasonal vignette style...

Do you do seasonal styling to your home? 
 Have you started to think about redecorating for Fall?

It can truly come from a simple shift to shopping thrift!

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Note: This post is sponsored by HomeGoods and the Happy By Design project. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

Fall Wardrobing & Window Shopping

Yes there are magazines. And yes there is Pinterest - But sometimes just a stroll thru your local mall can spark inspiration for change for a new season. After a meeting I had yesterday, I did just that - I went old school "window-shopping" at a nearby mall (Chandler Fashion Center). The magazines usually feature the top of the line, on-trend or key item pieces for a season (especially in their September issues) and Pinterest is a good source for pulling together your  look or a style, but neither one allows you to try it before you buy it. And in some cases, the look you're drawn to may be out of your budget. Window shopping your favorite specialty stores can help narrow your focus and refresh your personal look - You can get ideas of what the magazine trends and pins look like in real life. Stores like The Limited, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor are now featuring some of Fall's hottest trends and classic looks: Leopard, plaid, denim, stripes, and gold - and in some cases, a combination of them are used together...

Window Shopping...

Tortoise + Gold +  Leopard

Lovely Leopard at Ann Taylor

Leopard + Houndstooth + Brass Details

Camel + Black | Leopard + Stripes

Purple + Leopard + Gold

Purple is another hot color for Fall...

Tribal prints!

A tribal print maxi at The Limited..
Fantastic Fall transitional piece: Just layer with a black blazer!

Plaid jackets + Denim at The Limited

Red plaid (Hello 80's & 90's!) for the younger crowd at H&M

Leopard & Crimson 

Never mind boogie fever - It's British fever that's going around!
(New Line at Banana Republic from Isse)

Leopard + stripes! Love the combo.
(Great inspiration for home decor too!)

Leopard is so hot this Fall - it can even be spotted at Pottery Barn!
(Great storage boxes to store your Fall jewelry!)

Leopard and dark denim - Love!

Since we're nearing Summer's end, I did an unexpected quick revamp of my closet when I got home - pulling out and putting away Summer whites until next year. I also tried on what maxis, skirts, tops, and jackets I didn't wear this past Summer (and that also no longer fit right) and pulled together another thirty items I'll be taking to consignment. Perfect timing because even consignment stores are getting ready for Fall. One consignment store in particular - My Sister's Closet - will be having their #FallUnveiling Saturday August 24.

For the past three weeks of August, My Sister's Closet has been holding their bi-annual Progressive Sale to get the Summer goods out of stock and make space to refresh the floor with all the Fall goods they've been collecting. (I absolutely LOVE this store merchandising concept for consignment!) If you've been inspired by the magazines & Pinterest - And you've taken a window shopping tour of your local mall - But you're on a small budget: Fear not! Just make a shopping list and be sure to hit the consignment (or even thrift stores) for phenomenal savings for your Fall wardrobe updates. Clearing out your closet before you go will not only empty hangers for fresh finds - you'll earn a little money to put towards your new finds and save even MORE! 

70%off Progressive Sale - Fall Transition Finds

Some Fall transitional finds can even be picked up at end off season clearance events happening in stores now. Just have your list ready, know before you go, and take the time to try on your finds. It's early enough to find newness, styles and fits for your lifestyle. Other Fall trends are camo (camouflage) and studs (makes sense: nailhead trim is hot in home decor). After you've shopped til' ya dropped - It will be time to refresh your home for fall too - Just let your wardrobe be your guide!

Here are the hot color trends for Fall from Pantone...

What Fall colors and wardrobe trends are you drawn to?
Happy Fall Wardrobing!

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Over the past weekend, I popped in to see the Sweet gang and shop set for local vintage market Sweet Salvage. With all the bad press the economy gets, it's nice to see this local shop has not only survived but even thrived during the past two years. No doubt, it comes from the incredible Sweet team of vendors who come together each month, update & refresh the store with new merchandise, and graciously welcome the support of the community around them. Since I started visiting the shop a year ago, I've noticed momentum building up from their likes on Facebook, to the longer lines at opening, and more press - from blogs to newspapers - spreading the word about their monthly shopping event. 

 To recognize the second anniversary of Sweet Salvage, they creatively used the number 2 throughout the shop - from being framed to posted on clipboards, and even some salvaged sign numbers... This two (above) was probably my fave...

Another fave find was this incredible black and brass accent table - this combo is so HOT right now!
Other faves were see shots of two popular color trends this year: Monaco blue and color of the year - emerald green...

Another wonderful display idea - especially with Fall and Winter just around the corner - Loved the look of the mirror inside a fireplace hearth - a wonderful option  to add architectural interest even if you do not have a fireplace...

My parents use to play domino's on Friday nights (or have card games) with the neighbors, so this simple little display spoke volumes. And that is what is so wonderful about shopping local thrift, consignment or vintage shops - Pick up those pieces that speak to you - and even help to tell your story. Shopping local vs shopping for everything for a room from any one chain store helps to break the store showroom look, plus you help to support your local small business owners...

The story behind Sweet is actually sweet - The building was born in 1957 and was actually and mechanics garage for 30 years, until four ladies walked in with a vision and a plan, and with the help of the Sweet gang, have been executing that vision ever since. I love the way the story of Sweets is told on their blog - as if the garage was telling the story...

 The Sweet Story...
The next dates Sweet Salvage will be open - with a new theme and new merchandise is the third Thursday - Sunday in September:

 Thursday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

4648 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 279-2996

If you're in the Phoenix area, be sure to stop in, say Hi! and take a look around to see what sweet gems you find...

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